Thinking Green



I heard this song earlier in the year and discovered there was something instantly likeable about Haim, a trio from LA consisting of three sisters; Danielle, Alana and Este.

This week saw the music video for ‘Forever’ released.

‘Forever’ is catchy, fast paced and above all; brilliant. It’s a really uplifting song and I believe I’ve managed to find my 2012 summer anthem already. The thing I love about Haim is the closeness of the sisters which enables a real warmth to emanate through their songs. Other reviews have said that they’re like Destiny’s Child, which; yes, I agree some of their dance moves do have that female R ‘n’ B feel to them but personally, I don’t think you can compare them. Haim are LOADS better than Destiny’s Child.

I also love the 80’s – early 90’s inspired sounds and the visuals it conjures up. It makes me want to be strolling down the beach, sunglasses on, ghetto blaster on my shoulder with a ’99 flake in my hand. I predict big things for Haim and I hope they do a full UK tour very very soon.

You can download The Forever EP for free from and will be released on vinyl through National Anthem Records on 2nd July.

5/5 by Robert Smith.