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Ozzy Osbourne, Ocean Colour Scene, Cat Deeley and Bob Carolgees (& Spit the Dog as well probably). All very talented people (with the exception of Carolgees) within their own right who all hail from the City of Birmingham. There’s about to be another name on this list. JAWS. No, not the bloodthirsty shark or the bond villain (This is however where the band got their name from) but the latest band to come out of the West Midlands City.

With the passion, likeability and charisma of Joy Division and the harmonious melodies of Bombay Bicycle Club; we predict a very bright future for these guys and believe them to be the latest, fresh ingredients for some brilliant music. We recently spoke to frontman, Connor Schofield. Here’s what he had to say!

What inspired you to start the band?
I cant really remember to be honest, I guess at the time I was really into bands like Washed Out or Beach Fossils and i wanted to have a go at writing songs like that

We’ve labelled you in this article as “A blend of Joy Division and Bombay Bicycle Club”. How would you personally describe your sound?
We’ve seen people describe us as “surf pop” which works I guess, but I love Bombay Bicycle Club and Joy Division and definitely take some influence from both. I’d say we’re a bit more Bulgarian death jazzcore though.

Who/What do you consider to be your biggest influences?
All the good things. Friends, family, food, love, Pepsi Max.

What bands are you enjoying yourself at the moment?
I LOVE Splashh right now, and a band called Wild Nothing, their new record “Nocturne” is amazing.

Where do you see JAWS in three years time?
Serving up Big Macs in the back of McDonald’s in Wolverhampton… that’s if doing a world tour with U2 hasn’t happened by then.

Can we expect a debut EP or LP soon?
I think there are plans for another single to be released before the end of the year.

Any plans to tour?
Nothing right now, but hopefully something for the end of the year / early 2013 (if the world hasn’t ended)

What’s next for JAWS?
We’re just gonna keep writing the tunes and playing the shows and see what happens!

For more information on JAWS, check out one of the following:

Debut single, ‘Toucan Surf’ is out on August 27th.

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