Mojo20 have been chatting up the stars once again and this time it’s with Leicester based trio LITTLE NIGHT TERRORS! We’ve caught up with them following the release of second single ‘Young lion’, and with two EP’s, two UK tours and an impressive position at #51 in the iTunes alternative singles chart with debut, Pocket Rocket (Where The Light Is), the band are more than well on their way! But we got all nosey, and asked the band a few questions, and here they are! This is Before They Were Famous with Little Night Terrors.

How long has LNT been together as a band?
Me, Dan & Bone have been playing together since October 2011

When & where was your first live performance as a band?
We played together first time in December at the White Noise festival in Leicester. It felt good inside.

Under what genre would you define the band/your music?
We take a bit of everything with us, our new single Young Lion mixes a hip-hop beat, with some old sounding synths, & a bit of alternative indie/punk. We’ve been described as sounding New Wave. I think that kind of fits.

What artists/bands are you following & enjoying currently?
I’ve been following Peace and they’re obviously doing wicked at the minute, its fucking good to see guitars getting a taste. Been digging into that new Alt-J record, like TDCC’s new album, Dan is always enjoying Rage Against the Machines riffs. Lee Ryan too.

Who or what, would you collectively site as your main influences?
Ah, so much! We can all agree on The Clash, but we listen to so much its hard to really put it down to main ones. We wanna combine a lot of things to make exciting music for us.

With two EP’s released are there any plans for an LP in the near future?
We’ve just put out our 2nd single Young Lion, and we’ve got lots more songs lined up ready. We would love to get in the studio and record an album.

When & where is the next big gig for LNT?
We’ve got a load of dates coming up on tour around the country, got great shows coming up in Cardiff, Norwich, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Cambridge, and more. All our gigs are here

What are your main aspirations for the band in the near future?
We’d love to get on the festival circuit, we’d love to get on some of those bills. We just vibe so much off gigging so we wanna carry on playing shows. The album is in our sights as well.

Band highlight so far?
Finishing our first uk tour for our first single Pocket Rocket, and getting back to our hometown and playing a sold out show there, which we filmed for the Young Lion video. That gig was epic.

Favourite record by another band in 2012 so far?
Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

For more information on Little Night Terrors, check out one of the following:

New single ‘Young Lion’ is available to purchase here;

Words by Stuart Green.




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