Back for another installment of ‘Before They Were Famous’, Mojo20 have again caught up with a band on the brink of breaking into the forefront of new music, and this time it’s the three-man, Sheffield based machine that is Silents! With a string of gigs under their collective belt, over a three-year career, as well as a show of respect from celebrities and endorsements around the UK, they’ve taken time out to have a bit of a chinwag with yours truly, and here they are!

How and when did Silents form ?
We got together about 3 years ago, me and Adam the singer met at Barnsley college studying music and he was already in a band with John who’s the drummer. There band was coming to an end and I stood in on bass and it went from there.

Collectively, what/who are the bands main influences ?
I’d say our main influences are Radiohead, Cooper Temple Clause, Exit Calm, Paul Simon, Wild Beasts, Queens of the Stone Age, Prince, Bombay Bicycle Club, Sonic Youth, Super Furry Animals, Bloc Party and loads of others I can’t think of, haha!

What’s been the bands high point so far ?
I think our high point was one night when played a gig at the Leadmill (Sheffield) and the whole cast of this is England turned up. We let them in to our dressing room for a drink and Joe Gilgun, who plays woody introduced us on stage.

What was the worst gig you ever did and why ?
The worst gig we played was at a place called the cremorne, it’s not a bad place just the series of events that led up to us playing. None of the other bands turned up so we drank the beer that was put on for them, safe to say by the time we got on we were hammered. Adam did a bottle solo, tried glassing himself on stage then threw the bottle into the crowd. There was glass in people’s hair and everything.

Any big plans for LP’s, tours, festivals etc ?
As of now we haven’t got a drummer, John left to study photography in London and he gets to work at the Baftas and Brit awards so you can’t blame him really. Me and Adam will be doing some stuff very shortly as we still have songs which we never played as Silents. Don’t worry Stuart you’ll be the first to know!

Where do you see the band in five years time?
Hope this question isn’t a play on Noah and the Whale, ha! Well for any band five years is a long time and I just hope to be playing music still.

Any other up and coming bands that you recommend ?
Yeah there’s a few actually, you should check my friends band Feral Brood out, you should also listen to my other friends bands Toba Caldera and Exit Calm, these three I think could go places.

Fuck, marry or kill? Jarvis cocker, Ian Curtis and Johnny cash ?
Well seeing as Jarvis is still alive then I’m afraid he falls under the kill option, even though I think he’s great I’m basing it purely on that fact, then Ian Curtis would come under fuck and I’d marry Johnny Cash so he could tell me what really happened in that cave.

For more information on Silents, check out one of the following:

Words by Stuart Green.


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