When I quizzed CuT on how they’d describe their sound, they pretty much summed it up with two simple words. Noise pop! Yes, the exclamation mark is mandatory.
“It’s always a tricky question, but I think we’re happy with calling it Noise Pop! Lot’s of psychedelic, delay-drenched guitar all put on top of some huge pop tunes!”


The band; Four guys from North and East London, who all met through music one way or another. They are frontman and guitarist Dan Fatel, lead guitarist Jimmy Johnson, bassist Jay Clifton and drummer Louie Johnson.
Dan, Jimmy and Louie got together whilst playing in previous bands, such as Fatels and No Picasso, before forming a new band called Sheet Noise with Joe Isherwood, formerly of The Stetsons. But after a year writing and recording, the three parted ways with Sheet Noise and this resulted in CuT. Then Jay was invited to the band as he worked in a guitar shop alongside Dan, and then, as they put it, “the magic happened and here we all are.”

CuT list their main influences as My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, The Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins, and explained that they take inspiration from the new music scene too.

“We all listen to so much new music, especially as there are lots of great bands in London and the UK at the moment. We’re listening to Toy, Savages, The Horrors… Also lots of Stone Roses and Spiritualized.

And their all time favourite band?

“I think that’s impossible for us to say, obviously we all love The Beatles, The Who, The Clash…. I think now CuT can be added to the list!”

The good news is that the band are planning on sticking around, and when asked where they want to be in three years time, they seemed excited about the future, stating that they planned on ‘writing even bigger and better songs than we already are…’
“We already have enough material for the first two albums, so maybe on album 10 by that point (haha!)
We just want to give people a great new listening experience….that’s noisy!! We have our first single to be released soon, as a free, downloadable track called ‘Get Me A Gun’. We are just putting all our time and energy into recording the first album with out producer, Oli Bayston…to be available 2013. Hopefully next year we’ll be venturing around the country, playing all sorts of venues…..get in touch if you have a big house or flat and you don’t like your neighbours!!”

CuT’s single Get Me a Gun can be downloaded free from

For more information on CuT, check out one of the following:

Words by Holly Shakeshaft.


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