Mumford & Sons / I Will Wait

So it’s absolutely no secret that Mumford & Sons have returned recently with the follow-up to 2009’s, ‘Sigh no more’. Here we have a band that seem to have conquered the world since their debut, becoming not only a household name (even in the white house), but also a band that, whether you love them or hate them, just about everybody has heard the name, and everyone one else has at some point or another jigged psychotically to anthems such as ‘Little Lion Man’ & ‘The Cave’.

But with the obvious challenge of the dreaded second album, have they returned with a big enough comeback
single to grab our attention again, and get us dancing like we have done for the past three years?

‘I Will Wait’ is the first release from new album ‘Babel’, and it’s instantly a hit according to general opinion. It seems to be business as usual for the boys, as the style hasn’t changed, it’s still that fast tempo, modern folk that they unleashed before, it’s still riddled with banjo, and it’s still catchy as hell! A lot of bands attempt a new direction when heading for an imminent return, but these guys know what they do, and they do it so, so well. But ‘I Will Wait’ is almost a musical list of pros and cons, in the sense that it is  undoubtedly not the obvious, folk anthem as was delivered before. Of course this is based on first impressions. In a month, we might all know every lyric and even have an agadoo inspired dance routine to it. At the same time it’s very refreshing to hear a Mumford & Sons intro, that has no apprehension about hammering straight into it without another predictable steady build up, before a banjo led folk hurricane. Some may even be disappointed by the fact it’s so similar to what we were offered before, but I’m willing to put a few quid on the majority not being
bothered at all. Personally, I think it’s great to have them back, and doing what they did brilliantly before.

The album still requires a listen from myself, even a week after release but I’m sure we’re all in agreement that as far as a first single from ‘Babel’, ‘I Will ‘Wait’ has done its job perfectly, because I for one,cannot wait to hear what else they’ve got to offer, this time around. In most reviews you’ll read, a popular thing to do is to compare, and assume influences. But Mumford & Sons have always been in a league of their own, and with a start like this, it would appear they still are.


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