Following our recent interview with personal hero and DJ legend Mr.Scruff, I was immediately inspired to track down another member of the Ninja Tune roster. One of my favourites of all time, and one of the most interesting musicians I’ve ever come across. Since first purchasing his debut LP ‘Denies The Days Demise’ it’s been a mesmorising journey following the work of our most recent interviewee, and if you haven’t heard of him… treat yourself! Here’s my recent conversation with Daedelus.Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 20.07.13

How long have you been Dj’ing & creating music?

I’ve been Dj’ing for longer then I’ve been releasing music, but always in the back of my mind was perhaps how I could contribute. There is far too much sound, really just quite an abundance, so why should I create and add to this overflow? But the answer I found was really easy; I had to. I must try and move air with my frequency. As selfish as that sounds I am an addict, and make no excuses.

So it’s no secret that you have a very unique sound, as well as a unique method to making your music, but what inspired & influenced you to make music?

I’m not sure if I am unique, but I do feel inspired by forces I cannot account for completely, and am probably alone in responding to those particular voices. The tools we use to create really do effect the music made, and the opposite as well, it is good to be mindful of the tools we grab for and why we feel like they are needed. I need synthesisers for instance… why be tactile when soft-synths could be so much more easy? I just need that feeling under fingers to make the music I make – as a small example.

Who have you been listening to recently, and who should Daedelus & electronic music fans be listening to at the minute?

I’ve been enjoying moving music, and sad sounds, all with curious ears towards young and restless creators like: Nosaj Thing, Ryan Hemsworth, Shlohmo, Mono/poly, Computer Jay, BoeBoe, Dj Clap, and more so many more.

To go with your unique sound, you also have a very interesting style. How and when did this come about, and how would you describe your dress sense?

Something that covers up first and foremost, and then later a dandy ideal we all can inspire to. Where every garment has a meaning if you care to look into the details. Victorian more then any kind of steam punk, but really, it is a coded language that fashion deals in, and either we turn a blind eye towards or look at with honesty.

With 12 albums released in 10 years between 2001 and 2011, as well as countless EP’s and collaborations, how do you remain so creative whilst constantly releasing new material?

Addiction is a wreaking thing. I don’t count the number of releases, I’m just eager to get back in the studio and make something perhaps lasting.

Any new material on the horizon?

A new LP is forthcoming, tentatively entitled “Drown Out”, and many a remix and live set. Touring will make some plans more difficult, but it also allows all to move forward.

Whats it like to play in the UK and are there any plans to return soon?

Dates in the UK in late April and early May, London’s Koko on April 20th (with my Archimedes visuals), and then after that; Glasgow, Norwich, and Manchester.

What has been a career highlight for Daedelus so far?

My first LP was probably my highest aspiration, all else has been amazing and unlikely.

For more information on Daedulus and his upcoming gig dates, check out one of the following:


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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