Tegan & Sara / Closer

We’ve been busy on the reviewing front recently at Mojo20.com, and I can only assume that’s due to the outstanding amount of good music that’s being released recently. In a bid to jump on a sound that is still very much in first gear, our target this time around is, girl duo; identical twins; Tegan & Sara.

It’s far too early to tell what they’ll accomplish, what they’ll become or even what the general UK public think of them. Especially, how they’ll be labelled by other music fans. Debut single ‘Closer’ is the only example of what they’re offering so far. ‘Heartthrob’ was released at the start of this week but it’s the first single release, ‘Closer’ that we’re focusing on here. Is it noteworthy? Is it credible? Is it anything we haven’t seen before out of the electro, disco pop scene? Probably not.tegan_and_sarah2_0


It’s brilliant. It’s fun, fresh, not too serious, but backed up by energy and style, and a sexy edge that immediately steals your attention. The music video gives it a visual that accompanies the song wonderfully, by being colourful, vibrant and based around a party atmosphere. Everyone likes a party!

This is exactly what I like about it most. It’s far too often that moody and serious indie bands, that have managed to break out of their hipster social circle, and got offered a record deal so the world can be introduced to their moans, and groans and whimsical boring lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, the Horrors are a great band, The Smiths were also, and I’m sure Toy and Peace have their fan base, that I hope to join once i find an appreciation for them. Plus good music is good music, no matter the style or sentiment, as long as it’s done well, and with the right amount of sincerity. But sometimes you just need an injection of fun, to wake yourself up, and drag yourself out of the gloom. Tegan and Sara could be todays injection. The Ramones revitalised the mid 70’s with their fun sharp punk sound, the Vaccines introduced their dumb lyrics and catchy guitar riffs in 2011. In fact one of the biggest bands to come out of Sweden in the past ten years has been the Sounds, who have built a career on disco pop synths, sexy non sensical lyrics and every time the Sounds are played in a club, chaos ensues for the next three minutes. Even the Rolling Stones have recently released a song that makes any Tuesday feel like a Friday, and could start a riot at any given time.

‘Closer’ has a catchy chorus, provocative lyrics that won’t be hard to learn, a wall of synths throughout, with all those lovely electronic twiddly bits in all the right places, as though MGMT stole the demo and raped it. I’m hoping the album brings more of the same, but may also show us a ballad, to really exhibit some versatility from the girls. It’s too early to tell what they have to offer before the albums been given a listen or two, but everyone’s free to speculate.

Many will assume that Tegan & Sara are the latest band to jump on the current wave of band’s made of sibling’s but you may be surprised to know that they’ve actually been releasing albums for over ten years. Their debut album, ‘Under Feet Like Ours’ came out in 1999 and was welcomed by many critics and music lovers. Especially in their native country, Canada. I personally think it’s a shame that the UK have only just started to take notice.

‘Closer’ isn’t ground breaking, it won’t revolutionise the industry, it’s certainly no good for all you shoe-gazers out there, and I’m sure i’ll have my head in my hands in two weeks when it becomes a chav anthem, but hey, I’ve still got Remedy by Little Boots and im not getting rid of it. I’m sure this will be the same.

Tegan & Sara’s 7th Studio album, ‘Heartthrob’ is available to buy now.

For more information on the girls, check out one of the following:


twitter https://twitter.com/teganandsara


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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