Swim Deep / The Sea

“Go down to the sea, and tell me what it is that you wanna be…”


The new single The Sea from Birmingham boys Swim Deep guarantees to get you dreaming of summer holidays. The moment the gentle intro infiltrates your head, you get visions of the sea shimmering in sunlight, strawberry ice cream, surfboard and suntan lotion. It is a welcome offering of sun-kissed happiness, a feel-good indie pop song sewn together with jaunty summer-breeze guitars, melodic keyboards and laced with harmonic vocals. The subtle drums are feather-light yet the beat packs a punch making you want to just skip down the street with an inane grin on your face. (Most probably all the way to the beach!)
“What you don’t know, is that I’m feeling strong…” Austin announces during a thoughtful little interlude, his gorgeous sugary vocals allowing you to feel exactly the same, before the drums kick in again and lead to another chorus, flowing along nicely with the sheer happiness of the track.

This song makes you feel on top of the world, and is just positively awesome – roll on summer.

The Sea is released 3rd March 2013.

Words by Holly Shakeshaft (@hollyshake)


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