Deap Vally / Lies

“Brother brother brother, you gonna get what you deserve/Brother brother brother, I tell you you’ve got no spine!”

Deap Vally don’t look, or sound, like a pair of girls who’d meet at a needlework class. This seems like a rather reserved, safe past-time for a couple who bonded over their love of music to form a blues-inspired garage rock band.

But fortunately, their desire to learn cross-stitch brought them together to make the sexy, scuzzy rock ‘n roll that is Deap Vally.
New single Lies, released earlier this week, is a feedback-riddled, dirty masterpiece, oozing with attitude.

The chorus is bound to burrow into your head, just like the worm vocalist and guitarist Lindsey is singing about. She spits out her words, full of disdain for the lying scumbag described as ‘brother’, and Sabbath-inspired riffs penetrate through the words to create a hedonistic yet aggressive track. It’s a real fighting song, full of strength and fire but still dripping with a certain cool, reminiscent of White Stripes, and early Kills, mixed in with a bit of 90’s riot grrrl, like L7 if they’d grown up listening to Led Zeppelin instead of The Cramps.

Don’t mess with Deap Vally – just listen to this song and revel in it’s awesomeness.

artwork.lies-single.deap-vally-500x500Lies is out now on Island Records UK / Communion Records. Available on iTunes.

Words by Holly Shakeshaft (@hollyshake)


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