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We recently caught up with modern blues rock trio Devlinblue, as they get set to release their first EP. They’ve been playing shows all over recently and unleashing their killer riffs and fresh young brand of blues nostalgia, reminding us of Led Zeppelin, Black Keys & CM Punk’s theme music (see WWE wrestling). So with things on the up and up, here’s Devlinblue ‘Before they were famous’.

How long has Devlinblue been together?

Since October 2011!

With such a strong sound, what other artists or bands would you say were your inspirations?
Sam Varlow – For what I bring to the table artists such as Audioslave, Glenn Hughes, Richie Kotzen, Nickelback, Extreme, Mark Tremonti and Black Country Communion have all heavily influenced my playing/writing styles. But I also listen to a lot of heavy stuff, that pushes my playing and creative side too.

Craig Richards: I’m a big Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, Chad Smith is a big influence on me. I grew up listening to others such as Foo Fighters, The Police and Muse.

Dave Devlin : Some of the bands and guitar players that i personally feel have influenced my playing and approach to music include Cream, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, BB King, Jonny Lang the list goes on…

What current artists are Devlinblue listening to at the moment?
DD: I am currently listening to a lot of modern day Blues bands such as KING KING Feat. Alan Nimmo, Joe Bonamassa and of course my all time favourites that I mentioned earlier.

CR: Going through an old chilis phase again. Also guys like; Don Broco,Kill It kid, Band of skulls are on my current playlist.

SV – I’m really into a couple of Aussie bands; Karnivool, Circles and Dead Letter Circus. Looking forward to the new Karnivool release! Also had Periphery II on repeat for the past 8 months since it came out.

Lincolnshire appears to be thriving with fresh new talent, waiting to be found. Any other local up and comers you guys would recommend?
CR: Innervisions have got some great new stuff coming out soon! Great funky band.

SV – From a different place stylistically I’d definitely recommend our good friend Wilfred Nyamande. He’s an excellent producer and has some killer ideas. We’ve actually written a song with him which we are hoping to be playing some time soon. Also a band named Infamous Vampires. Definitely check those guys out. Killer musicians!

DD: I would definitely recommend the band we are supporting; KING KING Feat. Alan Nimmo. These guys are a fantastic Blues/Rock band their live shows are not to be missed. There newly released album is sick. Go check them out!

‘Sex and Blues’ is one of your most recent singles, and it sounds incredible, but what’s the song all about?
It really is open to interpretation. Obvious themes lurk throughout the song and it brushes on a lot of different emotions; doubt, anger, frustration all amongst. But it means something different to each one of us so make of it what you will!

What’s your gig/touring schedule like at the minute and are there any plans to play in the county’s capital soon?
We’re currently doing various dates with King King Feat.Alan Nimmo, on their UK tour. Lincoln is something we’re looking to hook up as well as more UK dates! We’d love to see some more sights.

What’s been a highlight for the band so far?
DD: For me the highlights have definitely been recording ‘Sex & Blues’ and ‘Running’ at the great Chapel Studios and of course being on this tour. Its been a blast.

CR: The experience of recording our latest release was amazing, we were lucky enough to get to record at the legendary Chapel Studios. But I do have to say that this tour we are currently doing with King King is a massive highlight and its going to be the thing to help us move on to the next step.

SV – Again, recording at Chapel studios was a big one for me. Playing with the great King King has been very inspiring too. But day to day, finishing a song or nailing that part you were looking for is always a highlight.

What do you see for Devlinblue, over the rest of 2013?
We have a few things under wraps so hopefully they will go through! We’re going to be working on our first album in the coming months and hopefully have a release at the back end of this year.

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Interview conducted by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)

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