Lust for Live

With the festival season fast approaching, and everybody getting excited about new bands they want to see and which legendary acts they are going to get the opportunity to witness; Mojo20 decided to ask you, via our Facebook page, what the best gig, concert or live performance you’ve ever attended was. With an eclectic bunch of names being thrown in, and some fantastic stories behind why that particular show was the best you’ve ever seen, we took our five favourites, and put it all together right here on

John Daulton

This is really tough as I’ve been to what I’d regard as some pretty decent gigs. Maybe not great, but I though they were ok. One gig that stands out above all others was Oasis at the Norwich Arts Centre on the 6th June, 1994. I’d heard some of their stuff on the radio and NME was hyping them up to be the best thing since Johann Sebastian Bach. I’m pleased I shared this experience with just 289 others in such a small, stunning venue. A week later their first top 40 single, Supersonic hit the charts. 2 years later they played 2 dates at Knebworth in front of 250,000 over two consecutive nights. I never saw them again after that night in Norwich but I’m very pleased I did.

Lucy Parr

Lady Gaga at Twickenham stadium, 8th September 2012. Everyone was waiting in line for the monster pit, I unfortunately didn’t make it into the pit. I was right near the back of the stadium but it was the most amazing experience of my life; that woman can sing!! Everyone was going nuts from beginning to end and the visual effects were out of this world!! Not to mention Gaga’s costumes!!! Although I didn’t get to go backstage, I ended up meeting Gaga outside her hotel a couple of days later! Needless to say; since I was waiting to see her perform since the fame era in 2008/9 …. I couldn’t have asked any more from her. Anyone that is curious to see her live, you will not be disappointed.

Jen Mann

This is so hard to pick just one gig that stands out as soooo many bands have blown my mind, and you know I don’t like to leave anyone out! So purely because it surprised me at how much I loved them, and how I thought they were just as amazing as the main act, I’m going to say my favourite support act ever was Crystal fighters who supported Foals at the Engine shed, I think a couple of years ago. I remember standing at the bar getting another beer in not really paying attention to when they started, trying to shout over the music to my brother or emma, when I heard a deep bass of ‘dush dush dush’,which was, unbeknown to me at the time, ‘Solar System’ kicking in…I felt it go right through me, and I think could feel the vibrations at the bar. I turned around and was like “Woahhh I’m digging this” and for the rest of the set I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Fantastic atmosphere, fantastic people. Amazing as Foals were after, I couldn’t stop thinking about Crystal fighters, and bought the CD at the gig, then YouTube’d them as soon as I got in. I became slightly obsessed for a period of time after and played their CD to death. I managed to see them again at Glastonbury playing in one of the small dance tents a few months later in a very sweaty 30 degree heat! Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Seth Marshall

For me it’s either Kings of Leon at Hyde Park with Paul Weller, Mona and a few more bands supporting, beautiful atmosphere filled with love and joy, everyone was on form including the PA guys that were genius! OR…Tallest Man On Earth in a really intimate theatre (Can’t remember where, help me out Stuart Green Haha). Great gig, great people, fun times!

Dale Swaby

The best gig, was in Huddersfield, with two best mates and bumping into a few local faces from hither and thither.. – Beautiful South at the McAlpine Stadium. Support came from Cast, the Lightening Seeds… err, there were more bands but seeing as everyone was on the beer that sunny day, including Heaton and co, it eludes me. A good honest day out and an absolute fantastic atmosphere. Top bands, top day/night. 90’s.

Thanks to everyone who got involved with this. Keep your eyes out for the next opportunity to get involved!



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