It’s been a while since we last did a ‘Before They Were Famous’ interview and we’ve decided it’s about time to sink our claws into
another unsuspecting group of up and comers. This time we almost defy the title of the feature as we target punk four piece, Bad Ideas! With two albums already released and a tour schedule that makes Bob Dylan look lazy, as well as a fan base from Lincoln to Belgium, to not say these guys are already famous in their own right would be slander, but just in case; Mojo20 is on hand to get them a few more fans! Here is Before They Were Famous with Bad Ideas:

So how did Bad Ideas come together?
Sam (Cook) had been touring the project for a couple of years and although ‘Murder of Gods’ had been recorded as a full band, he was touring the record as a solo act at the time and asked Wiggles, Pete and I (Chris Coleshaw) to step in last summer. We toured and quickly began work on our new record.

With musical roots in punk, what other bands and artists would you call your inspirations?
Punk rock is a big part of all our lives and the main reason that we even know each other. Pete has been heavily involved for years, playing in tons of bands, putting on shows and running his own fanzines. Sam, Wiggles and I know each other through playing in bands in the Lincoln punk scene. That said, we have lots of other influences. In the van we spin everything from Fleetwood Mac to Prince, Cash, Springsteen, and lots more. Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues is one of our favourites at the moment.

You’ve played alongside many other bands whilst on tour. Which have been your favourites, and is there anybody you’d like to be on the same bill as one day?
We had the opportunity to play a festival in Bristol last summer which meant we got to share a bill with A Wilhelm Scream and Into it. Over it. which was incredible as they are some of our favourite bands. We’re also supporting Gnarwolves & The Flatliners in Norwich, this August, which we’re really excited for.

You guys appear to have a heavy tour schedule, travelling all around Europe. Which places so far have been your favourite to play in and visit?
We did a few days with a young German hardcore band Client those guys were super fun, their English was limited and our German was non-existent but we managed to connect through the universal language of table football. That tour was really fun and we met a lot of great people.

You recently released new album ‘Compromise’, how is it being received by fans so far?
We were really excited to get the album out and we’ve been super happy with the response so far. We want to put on a big album launch for Lincoln at some point soon and we’ll be working on a few more videos to coincide with the release so stay tuned.

What has been a career highlight for Bad Ideas up to now?
Wandering through the market at a Belgian festival and seeing our new album for the first time being sold there was pretty amazing!

What’s next for the band?
We have a pretty heavy schedule at the moment. We’ve got two weeks next month with our friends Ducking Punches then we have some UK dates with WOAH-NOWS followed by some other bits and pieces and then I guess, we start writing the next album! Sam’s always maintained that he wants to release a new record every year and it’s something that keeps us motivated and excited for what’s to come.

For more information on Bad Ideas and to be updated on what these guys are up to, check out one of the following: 


Interview conducted by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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