Jaws / Gold

No longer riding on the coattails of Peace and Swim Deep, Jaws are finally making waves of their own. This week saw a favourite of Mojo20 debut their latest single, Gold. What’s already shaping up to be a brilliant debut album from the Birmingham based guys, Jaws just keeps getting stronger and stronger with each single release. Ever since we first heard, Toucan Surf, we were hooked on the poppy indie sounds the guys provided us with and didn’t hesitate in making them our focus in the first instalment of Before They Were Famous. (Which you can read here if you missed it.) Gold continues the on the same fast paced, elation inducing guitar riffs which are wperfectly entwined with Connor Schofield’s voice which reminds us of Ian Curtis at his very best. The song is unashamedly and effortlessly infectious and will warrant a second listen straight after the first for many people. I certainly wasn’t content with just the one listen. Jaws still seem to be relevantly unknown to the masses but if they continue to release flawless tracks like they have been doing in the past year, I’m sure they’ll be selling out venues all over the UK and Europe. I’m still yet to see Jaws live but from the footage I’ve seen and the reviews I’ve read, when I finally do get the opportunity, the songs won’t fail to deliver.

Gold is set for a 29th July release via Rattlepop Records.
Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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