You’re welcome.

“What for?!” I imagine you to ask.

Well, you’re welcome for this introduction to a brilliant band hailing from Oakland, California. You can safely say you heard of them here first as we provide you with their first UK interview…


Hi guys, the 25th of June will mark the beginning of Mwahaha’s takeover of the UK. Excited?

This will be our first time in the UK as a band. So it should be exciting to say the least. While this will be a very short trip it is a great opportunity to test the water. Especially having the privilege of sharing the stage with Damo Suzuki of Can and Sigur Ros.

The UK tour ends with you guys on the same bill as Sigur Ros, and Daughter. How did you come about, 
playing with such big names as these?


When listening through the new self titled album, i was reminded of bands like TV on the radio, Everything everything, Dinosaur jnr & even one of our personal favourites Daedelus, especially on ‘Poinsettia’. With such an obscure and varied sound, what other bands and artists influence you?

Portishead, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Silver Apples, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin to name a few.

The majority of your music videos have a very consistent, retro/vintage theme to them. What inspired this idea?

Mostly I’d say that the music is implied. The sounds have a sort of future/ retro; lo-fi meets hi-fi thing going on. The videos have a similar quality as a result.

What have you guys been listening to collectively as of late. Any new music that’s doing it for you at the minute?

Lots of 70’s Kraut rock. John Maus, The Knife, Deerhoof to name a few.

Last October you played with a band we love, and have followed since their beginning, that being The Maccabees. How did you find working with them, and are there any other british indie bands, you’d like to work with?

Although we didn’t spend much time hanging out with them they were super nice guys. As far as other British indie bands go; Beak> has been on heavy rotation.

The album is now out on Plug research and available on iTunes. How is it being received so far by fans?

So far so good. Getting some positive attention from the press and folks have been coming out to our shows both gaining momentum it seems.

How did Mwahaha originally come together?

That was a looong time ago. We actually went under a different band name [Ned]. It wasn’t untill 2009 or so that we gave our sound a facelift that is more suited to our liking and later decided that it was only appropriate to change the band name as well.

What has been a career highlight for Mwahaha since your beginning in 2011?

When we set out to write this album we were aiming for a collection of songs that varied in textures and vibe yet still belonged side by side. We wanted an album that would have an element of immediate appeal but also reward the patient listener. We’re very happy that it is being received the way it was intended.

So after the UK tour, what’s next for the band?

To get back to work on our follow-up record which has so far been coming along nicely.


For more information on Mwahaha, check out the below.

Get the band’s debut album here.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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