Yesterday, I reviewed some highlights from day one of Glastonbury. If you missed it, you can find it here. This evening, I’ve spent my time watching the highlights from yesterday’s prestigious festival. And yes. I’m still bitter that I wasn’t there. *WARNING: I MIGHT BE REALLY CONTROVERSIAL IN THIS PIECE AND NOT FIND THE ROLLING STONES’ PERFORMANCE TO BE THAT AMAZING. TO FIND OUT HOW CONTROVERSIAL, YOU’LL HAVE TO READ ON…*

daughter_glastoMy first choice to watch today was Daughter. I’ve been following Daughter since first seeing them support Benjamin Francis Leftwich when he came to Tokyo Lincoln and played to about 40 of us. I was blown away by Daughter and they became the highlight of the gig for me. A few years later, Daughter have released their debut album and have earned themselves a legion of fans in the process. What still surprises me is the modesty which Elena Tonra possesses. She has an amazing voice and plays the guitar perfectly; you can certainly say her and the rest of the band are on the road to “making it” within the industry. Yet looking at her, you’d think she’s auditioning for The Voice, hoping that somebody will turn around and notice. If I was sat in a chair that night in 2010 listening to her, I would’ve definitely turned around. Daughter certainly have my attention and they should have yours as well. Playing their most well-known songs off the album and various EP’s, the crowd unfortunately seemed unresponsive throughout. I know this isn’t the sort of music you can jump about and mosh too but I think there’s a lot more ways the crowd could’ve showed their appreciation for such talent. If you ever have the chance to go and see Daughter, do it. Don’t hesitate. Just make sure you show your gratitude. I don’t care how or even know how. Wave a lighter in the air or something?

p01c3btt_640_360Two Door Cinema Club next and the guys did what they do best, please their fans! Playing 15 songs flawlessly, the crowd were loving every minute of it. Possibly even every second of it!  Noticing how dapper Miles Kane and Alex Turner were looking on Friday, I can only assume Alex Trimble must’ve ran to the nearest C&A (anyone else remember that shop?!) to grace the stage in a cream suit, unlike his usual attire of a shirt and jeans. Personally, I would’ve gone Navy blue. Anyway, this isn’t Vogue and I won’t talk about fashion anymore. Playing an equal blend of tracks from their first and second album’s, the band played each track in their usual confident manner. Having seen the band live, I can tell you that the atmosphere when they’re playing is fantastic. Especially with a responsive crowd, singing every word along with them. Something I’ll definitely have to do again.

Glastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 2A Mojo20 favourite next in the form of everyone’s favourite sister’s since Tia and Tamera Mowry (Sister Sister). Haim had already played the pyramid stage on Friday where unfortunately Este came off stage feeling ill due to not eating before the gig. Being a diabetic, this was obviously a risky choice. Speaking to NME, she said “We were in the middle of a song and I’m diabetic and I didn’t eat before my set like a smart, good diabetic does, and I remember not being able to feel my arms, and I was like, “This is not a normal feeling when I’m playing music.” Get well soon Este!! This time, the band were gracing the park stage where they treated fans to hits such as Falling, Don’t Save Me, Forever as well as their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s, Oh well.  Haim were definitely one of the biggest band’s to emerge last year and they show no sign of stopping telling their Facebook fans that they’re already looking forward to for Glasto’14. Now girls (and guy), let’s have that album now shall we?

Glastonbury 2013 … the Rolling Stones will headline the Pyramid stage on Saturday night.The Rolling Stones. One of the biggest band’s EVER. I absolutely love them. Did I like their debut at Glastonbury? No, not really. I don’t know whether this is due to me not really concentrating properly at the time (I was playing the pointless board game at the time. A pretty rock ‘n’ roll Saturday evening I know!) or just because the whole thing was too overhyped. Avatar is supposed to be one of those films I need to see before I die. It had a huge hype surrounding it on its release. I’ve still never seen it and I’m quite accepting in my choice. Maybe I should’ve of listened to my gut on The Rolling Stones finally performing at Glastonbury and not have bothered. Like I already said, I absolutely love the band and would probably chop a couple of fingers off to have the opportunity of seeing them live. Maybe they’re THAT good, seeing them “live” via the television isn’t good enough. The band are probably just too big for the biggest platform available. There’ll be hundreds, if not thousands that disagree with me on this one and I’m probably missing the whole point. I might become as hated as Nick ‘Nasty Nick’ Bateman and have things thrown at me on the street. Just don’t get anything messy on my Rolling Stones t-shirts. I’m a big fan and wear them often. I’d obviously follow this with a video but there currently isn’t one available. You can still watch the BBC’s coverage on iPlayer though. I’ll make it easy for you, click here. I know for a fact that I’ll be watching this at some point in the week and I’ll probably end up releasing a correction notice telling you how phenomenal they were. I actually really hope I do as well. Until then, I can’t get no satisfaction.

Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)



  1. Know what you mean about Daughter. Absolutely agree about the Two Door set. Felt let down by the Stones. Didn’t enjoy Haim but hey if we all liked the same bands it wouldn’t be such a wonderfully diverse line up at Glastonbury. I really enjoyed Django Django on the box but I was almost the only one amongst those around me.
    On the Daughter theme I have to confess I’m hooked. Any chance of a bit of split/self promotion?


    Stay Cool

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