So, Glastonbury Festival is over for another year. I’ve decided that I’ll definitely be in attendance next year especially with the current predictions flying around in terms of who will be headlining. Personally, I’d love to see David Bowie make a comeback to Glastonbury.

942321_588585684496875_1958745845_nSo, here we are again. After a typical, mundane Monday at work, I got home to watch some of the highlights from the final night of the festival. My first choice was Deap Vally. A firm favourite with Mojo20. On the eve of their debut album being released, the Californian duo walked on to stage confidently and ready to rock. Although a relatively unknown band still, the crowd were more than responsive. Especially when Lindsey Troy stepped off stage to get to know the crowd better. The girls presence is at times intimidating but just typing that makes me feel like John McCririck as I imagine the only reason I find them intimidating is because of their discernible talent and confidence which combined, makes them rather sexy. Deap Vally also do one more thing, fill the guitar and drum duo gap that’s been apparent since the split of The White Stripes.

Nick Cave at GlastonburyAuthor, Screenplay writer, director, actor and more importantly…a singer song-writer. I’m obviously talking about living legend, Nick Cave. Supported by his bad seeds [Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds], this is one performance I’m gutted I missed. I’m a big fan of Nick Cave’s work whether it’s as Grinderman, taking charge of the bad seeds or watching a film he’s written. Giving Mick Jagger a run for his money in the “moves” department, the set is propelled by Nick’s high energy. I hope I can move as much as he does when I’m 55.  I struggle now and I’m not even 24 yet! My personal favourites from the 11 song set were Jubilee Street and Push The Sky Away. I hope I get to witness this brilliant band at some point soon as i imagine the atmosphere would be excellent.

The_xx_Live___GlastonburyThe XX next and I must admit I was a little hesitant. Watching live videos of them in the past, they’re often hard to comprehend through a screen. I’ve never seen them live but watching them on YouTube sometimes makes me think, I’d be better off not bothering. The hype surrounding The XX during the release of their debut album was immeasurable and the bandwagon almost ran out of seats. However, those that missed out on a seat the first time round managed to grab a seat during their second album as a lot of fans jumped ship on its release and were no longer enthusiastic when new singles were revealed. Half way in to watching The XX’s 18 song set-list, I realised that my initial qualm was uncalled for. The XX were flawless in their performance, playing to an appreciative crowd who sung each song word-perfect with them. I now wouldn’t actually mind seeing them live. It’s funny how your opinion can change in such a short period of time.

music-marcus-mumford-mumford-and-sons-glastonbury-2013“I really fucked it up this time, didn’t I my dear”. Fucking it up was certainly one thing Mumford & Sons didn’t do last night. Closing this years Glastonbury festival, the band did an excellent job. Playing eighteen songs in total including hits such as I Will Wait, The Cave, Little Lion Man and Babel, the crowd never gave up showing their appreciation and happiness at witnessing a perfect gig. Mumford & Sons appear the be like Marmite. You either love them or hate them. I personally love them and they’re definitely on my list of bands to see in the future. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding their genre. People who love them will class them as modern folk whilst the haters will disregard them as pop. Whatever the genre, whatever your views on them, there’s no denying that they know how to put on a fantastic show. One of the highlight’s was final song, a cover of With a Little Help From My Friends featuring the bands…well…friends. They’re friends however consist of Vampire Weekend, The Staves, The Vaccines and First Aid Kit. Not just a couple of mates from down their local! A fantastic ending to a fantastic festival overall. It was also nice to see bassist, Ted Dwane on stage following his brain surgery only a couple of weeks ago looking completely unfazed by his recent, traumatic experience.

So, that’s that then! My 3 day review of Glastonbury Festival 2013 is complete. I’ve learnt a few things this weekend. These things are:

1) I should’ve purchased a ticket this year.
2) I’ll be regretting my decision to not purchase a ticket for a while.
3) I’m DEFINITELY going to Glastonbury Festival 2014.
4) I need to get a snazzy jacket like Alex Turner for this.

Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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