It’s been a while since our last ‘Before They Were Famous’ piece but we’ve got a fair few in the pipeline. Our first one to offer you is a band called Mens Adventures. Men’s Adventures might sound like a sequel to Brokeback Mountain but there’s nothing gay about the sound of this new band. Rob Smith chats to Jimmy Casson & Alfie Smith…

How did the band start?

Alfie: Lots of things brought Men’s Adventures about, I guess a key factor for me was that I was putting on bands at my bar for a few years and Jimmy was the sound guy, we had a lot of great acts like O Children, Factory Floor, Django Django and they all have records out now, it drove us to want to start something again, as did all the shit bands because we knew we could do something more interesting…

Jimmy: We toyed with a few different ideas for the first couple of months most of which were scrapped almost instantly but once we had a handful of songs we were really happy with (most of which have appeared on our first two EP’s) It was clear in our heads where it was going and that is what Men’s Adventures is today…

Is Men’s adventures your first band or have you both dabbled in the music industry previously?

Alfie: The reason we were both stuck working at the bar is because our previous bands had split up around the time I opened it. We both played in kinda heavy punk bands which both just ran their course really, we used to play together all the time. Every good front man needs a good musician to write with so I think it was inevitable we joined forces.

What type of music would you class yourselves as?

Jimmy: Not that we have much say in what we are classed as, but for what it’s worth I would describe us as a genre band. We have always tried to leave the door open for spanning as many different genre’s as possible whilst still sounding like the same band.

What are your biggest influences ?

Jimmy: My biggest influences for this band are film soundtracks and world music, but I also have an unashamed love of pop music. So by combining those three we ended up with our sound. I love all kinds of music but what I love about pop music and especially 60’s pop is it’s mostly about story telling and easy to relate to themes. That’s what good pop music is about for me.

What’s been the highlight for the band so far?

Jimmy: The obvious one for me is having our music pressed to vinyl, that kinda validates music for me, the whole digital revolution is great for some people, but I think it’s fuckin’ lame. I love Vinyl and cd’s, the thought of my nephew or potentially my own children scrolling through my iTunes library to get a sense of what music I liked is just depressing. One of my favourite things when I was a child was going through my dads record collection and looking at all the psychedelic artwork and band photo’s. Knowing that our records will be sitting next to other physical records on a shelf rather than appearing in a stagnant digital library makes me very happy.

When can we expect the debut album?

Jimmy: Who knows? We could start making a killer one tomorrow if we wanted, but it’s all about timing so I don’t think it’s ready to do it yet. I don’t think enough people know about us yet or understand what exactly we are trying to do musically. So I think we’ll probably do another EP and then a single or something. After that I reckon’ we will be ready to show the world what Men’s Adventures is all about…

What live dates do you have penned in for this year?    

Alfie: really looking forward to playing white heat with our friends Telegram on the 23rd of July and then we have a show with wild smiles at the Queen of Hoxton on the 30th. we haven’t played at either of those yet so they should be pretty cool.

What can people expect when coming to see you live?

Alfie: it seems to be changing all the time, we’ve started introducing a bit more percussion and the crowds have started dancing a lot more than at the start, they were great at our EP launch. half the set at the moment can be pretty chilled and a chance to get some of the stories across but then we inject a lot of energy into some more upbeat stuff towards the end now, it’s always fun.

What’s on your rider?

Alfie: Whiskey please.

What’s next for Men’s Adventures?

Jimmy: I wanna start looking for a new label to put our next release out, we want to start recording that in the next few weeks so were meeting with a few people now.    

Alfie: I definitely want to take the adventures elsewhere, the songs are all written and we have a whole sets worth of tropical sounds and stories we want to drop, we’ll see. I guess the beauty of the way we write is we can take it anywhere so we are excited.

For more information on Men’s Adventures, check out one of the below…




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