Bestival  described Delve as “ones to watch”. Delve are an alternative acoustic duo based in the West Country influenced by acts such as Bon Iver, City and Colour, Daughter, The Lemonheads and James Vincent McMorrow. They’re currently on their ‘Food and Fuel Tour’ but Andy of the duo recently took a bit of time out to speak to us. Here’s what he had to say:
So…Delve. How did it come about?

We started playing music together in the first year of university just doing a few covers and a couple of songs that we had written. We then turned that into a four piece band called Hang On, Look John and moved up to London after university to see what we could do up there. Unfortunately things didn’t quite work out as a full band so Jack and I started Delve with a lot of ideas buzzing about from the previous band that we still wanted to play. We started gigging and doing the open mic circuit around London and it went well so we thought we’d carry on and try to do the best we could with it.

Does the name have any meaning or did you put a load of names in to a hat and delve in. (Apologies for the awful pun)
I think Jack came up with the name and I liked it so we agreed on it. At the time it fit what was going on in terms of starting a new musical project and we had recently moved from the countryside where we were brought up to London and there was a lot of change in both our lives. We also thought that it fit nicely with the style of music we were playing and still play.
Your currently on your ‘Food and Fuel Tour’ which your also documenting via your WordPress. How are you finding the tour?

The tour is going great, we’re playing our 87th gig tonight so we are well on our way to our 250 gigs in 250 days target! It’s been great to put 100% of our effort and creativity into our music and this adventure that we’re on and we’ve already met some great people and played some awesome gigs. It has been stressful organising it all though as we have done it all ourselves without any help from a booking agent or management company, but I think that makes the sense of accomplishment and achievement even greater.
Tour highlight so far and favourite gig?

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one as there has been lots of highlights already. We’ve spent the last couple of months down in Devon and Cornwall so we’ve been able to get quite a bit of surfing in, which has been amazing. Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival down in Devon was great as it was a free festival and we had a great crowd and managed to talk to loads of people after and we sold a lot of merchandise as well! There’s been a few times when we’ve played and the whole venue has gone silent which is an amazing feeling, hopefully we’ll have a few more of those as we go round the UK! Favourite venues have included The Barrel House in Totnes, Toast in Falmouth and The Square and Compass in Worth Matravers in Dorset.
Worst gig?

Theres only been a couple of bad gigs really. We played to 3 men and a dog in a pub in south Dorset which wasn’t that great as I don’t even think the dog was listening! Apart from that though it’s all been pretty good.
Any plans for an album soon?
We don’t have any plans for an album at the moment as we’re still touring with the EP that we recorded at the start of the year. I think another EP will probably be the next step before we record an album.
Who were your influences growing up and who are your influences now?

I used to listen to a lot of ska and ska punk and all the sort of skate rock bands that you tend to listen to when you’re 12 and 13, along with some of the classics that my dad used to play in the car like Phil Collins. Jack grew up listening to REM, crash test dummies and Lenny Kravitz to name but a few along with some Americana bands like The Lemonheads. Influences that we have at the moment and people we admire are artists like Bon Iver, Daughter, Husky, Ben Howard, City and Colour and James Vincent McMorrow. We also listen to a lot of other genres that we try to take elements and aspects from as I think it’s good to recognise different elements of music that make other genres work that could potentially crossover into what we’re doing.
What’s on your band rider?
We don’t have a standard rider that we ask for, although our tour is called the Food and Fuel Tour so at the moment our rider would usually look like Steak and Chips, real ale, cloudy cider and some Diesel for our van Tony! Hopefully in the future we can do a Prince and ask for mental things like a baby Giraffe and a couple of swans.
Once the tour finishes, what’s next for Delve?

The end of tour is quite a way off yet, December the 20th to be exact but we have a few ideas flying around at the moment. We’re gonna take a nice break for Christmas with our families and then we’re going to hire a cottage in the middle of no where for a couple of weeks start writing again with an aim to record a 4 or 5 track EP. We’re thinking about turning Delve into a full band so the EP might have elements of bass and drums, maybe even some keys and strings mixed in somewhere, we’ll see how the writing goes. Then after that we want to start getting bigger and better gigs, maybe do another tour somewhere and keep on trying to make our mark.
For more information, check out one of the below. And I shall see you on 11th November if you attend their gig at Bar 67, Lincoln.

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