Swim Deep & Disclosure / Latitude Festival 2013

It was a few weeks ago now, and it seems a lot longer, but Latitude 2013 was definitely the highlight of my summer. Scrap that, my YEAR.

Seeing as it may have lost some relevance due to the time delay (sorry, I’ve just been like soooo busy!) I won’t dwell on the festival itself for too long. Let’s just say it involved a lot of sunshine, a lot of bands, a lot of drinking, some hallucinating, a lot of Norfolk dialects and hysterical excitement over Carlene’s sighting of Angus Deayton. Oh, and a deaf Jesus…


Good times.

Moving on though, I would like to write a couple of bitesize reviews, as promised, for my blog and Mojo20.com.

A personal highlight of mine was Swim Deeps’ set. There was a 3-way clash between them, Friends and The 1975, and Austin and co. were clear winners for me so I trotted off on my own to get near the front at The Lake Stage. I saw them live earlier this year, in a small dark venue in Norwich, on a cold rainy night in April. They were bloody amazing and there were literally about 20 people there. At Latitude there was no enclosing roof, only bright blue sky, the sun was blazing, and here I was in a crowd of people, with my smuggled-in vodka Capri Sun and Swim Deep were playing Honey which just went so perfectly with the weather and the atmosphere…it was such a HAPPY 45 minutes and I LOVED it. As a band, they are summer personified. The Sea was as popular as ever and the band conversed charmingly with the crowd, who (including myself) were eating out of their hand like boozed up baby birds.

My favourite moment was definitely their unexpected cover of Cyndi Laupers’ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
Pure. Unadulterated. Genius.
Obviously they treated everyone to She Changes The Weather (beautiful and slightly emosh) and ended the show with King City. The whole set was just brilliant and I couldn’t have hoped for anything more. Where The Heaven Are We, their debut album is out Monday 5th August, and it’s gonna be immense.

Aside from the dreamboat psychedelic grunge boys from B’ham, I’d just like to nod my head in the direction of two brothers named Guy and Lawrence. Collectively known as the high energy and quite frankly fucking gifted electronic duo Disclosure. The thing is, they were in the 6 Music tent which was the best place for them, yes, BUT it was still daylight. And the tent was so packed that we were basically outside. Which isn’t the ideal setting for raving to their superior throwback 90’s UK garage/house, synth-heavy tracks, but they still totally managed to be one of my favourite acts of the weekend. Best song: definitely F For You, with You & Me coming a close second. Settle is a brilliant and important dance album produced by two very talented guys, so if you haven’t already listened to it then, whaaaaat? I’ll certainly be seeing them again very soon, hopefully somewhere darker and nastier, where they will be just as impressive (probably even better…)


Words by Holly Shakeshaft (@hollyshake)


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