Every now and again, any eager music fan will find themselves stumbling across some solid gold, that you know your friends probably haven’t heard, and you get all excited, because you know that for years, you can take a large measure of credit for unveiling it to them, and they’ll forever be in your debt because you’re definitely well cooler than them. Well once again for me, this is the case…

You may or may not have heard of a Seattle based outfit named The Physics. Whether you have or haven’t, you also may or may not know that two of the collaborating vocalists for the Physics are Malice & Mario Sweet. A man and wife duo, who have teamed up to create their own sound, and their own material. I find myself some what embarrassed that i have only discovered this talent during the promotional push of their second offering, Enjoy:Like:Love. As their debut album ‘Happy 2 Year’ was released in 2012, and is a wonderful introduction to the two. Be that as it may, I’ll be focusing here on their second and newest album which in my opinion should be at the forefront of modern popular music, due to the similar sound it has to a lot of the top names currently residing at the top of the music charts. Imagine if you mixed Daft Punk & Robin Thicke, gave that mixture a Craig Charles funk & soul style make over and added a cool modern edge, then you get Malice & Mario Sweet. The funk, soul, disco style has been revived and these guys should be credited as being pros.

One thing that stands out as very interesting before you even click play, is the themed song titles. Majoritively named after celebrities, but with a twist, it was hard to know where I wanted to start with such tracks as ‘Eddee Murfy’, Jawn Travoltuh’ & ‘Kortney Luv’. So of course, I started at the beginning, and throughout the album, the vibe is consistent. It’s sexy, summery, party music. Some are straight up party essentials, where as some are sexy bedroom certainties. Highlights personally were Flo Joe, track 2 which made me immediately dream of creating my own funk & soul night to DJ at (watch this space), and Mork & Mindy, which also for it’s up tempo party based sound, inspires me to just drop what i’m doing and head to a party. The whole album resembles a celebration of life, which I don’t think leaves a lot of mystery behind the title of the album. Enjoy:Like:Love appears to be a message to all, and a way of life, as well as a road to happiness. The music within is the perfect sound track to such a message, and leaves you feeling refreshed, energised and motivated.

The couple are vocal experts and the marriage between the vocals and the music is an ideal partnership. Although a few more names must be mentioned when it comes to collaborations as they called in a few favours of some also very accomplished friends. Those people include Choklate, Owuor Arunga (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), Raz Simone, Royce The Choice and Isabella DuGraf, to name a few. Each person involved has left an indelible stamp on the production and helped to really create something exciting.

So as the summer almost feels like it’s coming to an end here in England, I’ll certainly be milking the rest of it, and accompanying me in that will be Mr & Mrs Sweet, which sounds like a fantastic way to round things up. They’ve been described as The foremost man and wife of Northwest R & B, and I don’t think that’s an unreasonable moniker to give them. I just hope everybody else finds this fine duo’s sophomore effort, gets involved and enjoys the album the same way i have, and i also expect if not demand that this outfit be welcomed into the forefront of modern popular music in the coming years, as they certainly deserve it.

For more information on Malice & Mario Sweet, check out one of the below:




Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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