You’ve got to “hand” it to him…

There’s never an appropriate time to almost slice your own fingers off with a Stanley knife. And not least two days before setting up and dj’ing at your own beloved club night. Nevertheless that’s exactly what Stuart Green did last Saturday at Transmission. And even with only 1 functioning arm, the monthly indie rock n roll night went down a storm, playing treats such as David Bowie, Swim Deep, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Babyshambles and much much more. The classic film ‘Fear and Loathing’ on the television screens, loads of people, awesome music, cracking drinks offers…all this even with an injured DJ, which just goes to show what a great night Transmission is. During his 5 and 1/2 hour stint, Stu lined up and dropped a selection of retro and brand new tunes. Here’s some songs relating to his painful mishap that could have been played:

Smiths / Hand in Glove

Cat Stevens / First Cut Is The Deepest

Eminem – Stan

Two Door Cinema Club – Handshake

Bullet For My Valentine / Hand Of Blood

Interpol / Slow Hands

The Cure / Cut Here

Laura Marling / Cross Your Fingers

Jake Bugg / Two Fingers

Words by Holly Shakeshaft (@hollyshake)


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