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After a couple of previous alterations to the equation that has now become LIFE, it would appear that the four piece has landed exactly where they’re meant to be. With a nod from NME recently, a number of gigs still booked in, all around the country, and a look and attitude that mirrors a lot of the most popular indie bands around at the minute, it might not be long until LIFE goes from ‘Before they were famous’ to simply famous. This is something I’ll be keeping an eye on personally, as Mick from the band still owes me about 20 good nights out and around 500 fags. Enjoy…

How long has LIFE been together as a band?
Smoking blunts since the Xmas just gone…

What inspired the name LIFE?
It was one of them things; we’d gone through hundreds of possible names from nonsensical words to crap puns like Keanu Sleeves, but LIFE was simple and so it goes man…

How are your first few single releases being received so far?
It’s only just begun. We’ve just recorded our first single, ‘I WANNA FORGET’ which will be available via Birthday Records (7inch) on 21.10.13. Birthday’s are a London based independent thing they recently released the first record for New York City’s Drowners, however, if you can’t wait till October you can hear our first demo ‘In Citrus’ on our site & we also have a sketchy homemade vid for this just google-it yo….

Under what genre would you define the band & your music?
Genres and categories are for fascists and box makers. We make the kind of music that’ll make you wet. That’s all you need to know…

What are the musical backgrounds of LIFE & the other members of the band?
We’ve all knocked about in other bands previously, most notably The Neat.

What has been your favourite venue to play at so far?
We’ve only done a handful of gigs really like 6-7 in Dalston and Shoreditch as well as in our home; Hull. We’ve got an upcoming gig at Hull’s Freedom Festival that should be rad. Maybe we should come to Lincoln soon…

What other artists or bands are you following & enjoying at the minute?
We’re all into SKATERS, who we’ve played with a couple of times. Cool dudes. And the EP that gets a constant spin in the van is Parquet Courts – Light up Gold. It’s a breezer.

Who or what, would you collectively say are your main influences?


Your mattress

Any plans for an EP/LP?
We are recording in September. Damn!

If you could go on tour with one other band who would it be & why?
Any band that understands the essentiality of getting wild and fruity. Parma Violets’d probably like to session. We could out drink ‘em though. We’re from the fuckin’ north.

To keep up to date with the band’s plan’s, keep an eye out on their website…

Interview conducted by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)