Franz Ferdinand / Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions

The return of Franz Ferdinand has been well anticipated and well promoted, and now that Right thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions has been released, the majority of people, I would imagine like me, explored their newest creative effort with more than a spoonful of trepidation. I’ll inform you right now that there’s no need for this at all. I actually felt like a knob for ever doubting them…

The Scottish four-piece have had a four year break since their last studio LP, ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’ was released in 2009 and they’ve returned with that unique sound and same style that made them a household name in 2004 and a mainstream, radio played garage rock band since then. First single from the new album is the (sort of) title track as the album introduces itself with ‘Right action’. It’s the return single you’d expect from Franz, as it holds many attributes of all previous introductions to their new LP releases such as ‘Take me out’ & ‘Do you want to’, in the sense that it’s a shameless party tune, with a ridiculously catchy chorus and a hook that could harpoon a whale. The single alone was certainly strong enough to justify purchase, and this of course opened up the genius that is the rest of the album.

Personal favourite and second track on the album is a potential 80’s horror movie theme tune, as ‘Evil eye’ opens up with a shrill cry, accompanied by a drum beat reminiscent of a Michael Jackson (see if you can figure out which) which then sways through the up-beat, catchy, X-filesesque synth laden dance tune. The album is one of those rare but beautiful occurrences that we don’t see often enough, referring to the fact it’s a wall to wall smash. Every song is great in its own way, and they clearly hold the key to that amazing medium that enables them to stamp every song with their very recognisable sound and also make them all as party/dance inspiring as the last, but also add a unique twist, and fresh interesting element to each other. As mentioned ‘Evil eye’ has it’s dark ‘The Munsters’ theme element, whereas ‘Love illumination’ features that gritty, distorted guitar. ‘Stand on the horizon’ opens slowly and steadily for the first time on the album but then swings into an up tempo dance track that David Bowie could have recorded himself. This continues right on to the final three minutes & fifteen seconds of the album, when the slightly more sentimental ‘Goodbye lovers and friends’ brings us what we certainly hope isn’t a permanent goodbye or way of saying this is their final masterpiece. But whether it is or not is only speculation, whereas the fact of the matter is that it’s one of the albums most layered and diverse songs, reminding us a little of ‘Walk away’ from, 2005’s ‘You could have it so much better’ in the sense that it’s up, down, heavy, gentle and all things in between, but like the other nine tracks before ‘GLF’ it’s a winner.

Impressed doesn’t cut it with this new release from indie pop veterans Franz Ferdinand, and i’ll even admit on a personal note that my phone has vibrated more than a few times this week with friends asking whether I’ve heard it yet or not, because I need to if not. As it happens I have, and i’m telling all of you to do the same…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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