Grand Theft Auto / A Soundtrack Masterpiece

Grand Theft Auto is undoubtedly one of the biggest game franchises to have ever been created. I’m a huge fan of the game series myself and geekily waited in line for the midnight launch of GTA:V on Tuesday. Since then, I’ve been exploring the fictional version of LA, attempting to drive around without scratching my latest set of wheels whilst listening to well over 240 licensed songs. It got me thinking how great the franchise’s soundtracks are. Especially in those games that have been released after GTA:III. (Before this, many of the songs were created by Rockstar and are by unknown artists/made up bands and there was a clear lack of licensed tracks) These include GTA: Vice City, GTA: IV and obviously, GTA: V. Here’s some of my favourite songs that have featured on the many radio stations over the years.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 21.20.47

Ozzy Osbourne / Bark At The MoonOzzy Osbourne

Blondie / Atomicblondie

Gary Numan / CarsGary Numan

Toto / AfricaToto

Spandau Ballet / GoldSpandau Ballet

GTA San andreas Banner

Billy Idol / White WeddingBilly Idol

Grand Funk Railroad / Some Kind Of WonderfulGrand Funk Railroad

Booker T. & the M.G.’s / Green Onionsbooker-t-and-the-mgs

The Stone Roses / Fools GoldThe Stone Roses

Depeche Mode / Personal JesusDepeche Mode

GTA 4 banner
The Stooges / I Wanna Be Your Dogthe stooges

The Black Keys / Strange TimesBlack keys

LCD Soundsystem / Get Innocuouslcd soundsystem

The Rapture / No Sex For BenThe Rapture

David Bowie / FascinationDavid Bowie

gta v banner

All Saints / Pure ShoresAll Saints

FIDLAR / CocaineFidlar

Wavves / Nine Is GodWavves

Corona / Rhythm Of The NightCorona

Pulp Vs. Soulwax / After YouPulp : Soulwax

Chosen by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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