With the release of new single ‘World On Fire’ on the horizon, we’ve caught up with Golden State to talk about being featured on multiple TV programmes  their anthemic rock sound and what’s next as they sit comfortably on the cusp of world domination. Here’s what the Californian four piece had to say…


How long has Golden State been together as a unit?
Golden State has been a working title for a many years after the fall of PALOALTO . The band has been rocking as a unit just a few.

With previous outfits before Golden State, how did it all come together and what makes this band a winning and enduring combination?
I think having the experience of making records and touring with such people and bands like producer Rick Rubin, and touring with The Stone Temple Pilots, has helped with creating a great foundation for success.

You’ve been compared to Echo & the Bunnymen and Muse, and I personally see some Fleetwood Mac and Arcade Fire in your sound, but what are your influences, and what other artists have inspired your sound?
Wow I am flattered with those comparisons. That my friend is certainly a deep question and a good one for that matter but to sum it all up I’d say really great songs and sounds are the influences that range from 50’s cinema big band orchestra Henry Mancini, and rock n roll of Elvis, to the 60’s with Martha and The Vandellas and the Beatles, to the 70’s with AC/DC and Led Zepplin, to the 80’s with U2, EATBM, The Cure, to the 90’s with The Catherine Wheel and Supergrass…. to name a few, ha!

How would you describe your style/sound? Some have classed it as anthemic, would that be right?
Yeah I’d say that’s about right. Or if you really want to be silly one could say “arena rock”

LA seems to be a hub for great new music at the minute. What other local acts do you tip as being the next big thing to come out of Los Angeles?
I get this question a lot and I hate to burst your bubble but LA is really suffering for “great” music these days.

I couldn’t tell you what the next big thing would be honestly.

Explain the concept of ‘World On Fire’ and where the idea behind it came from?
Ok you ready for this? prepare to get your mind blown… World on fire paints a picture of a dystopian future that has been foreseen and pursued by the Fabian Socialist Society and their view of the world much like a fire-y ball of melted steel that needs to be manipulated and transformed into their desires and by doing so puts the human race at risk of world oppression so it is up to us to put a stop to the madness…  but really its just a love song.

You guys aren’t long removed from a big US tour, what have been some highlights from the road?
For starters we have a tons of songs that are featured in TV shows and films.  I guess you could say getting your songs licensed is like radio for us. It was really exciting to see people singing along to the songs in every city.

With a UK tour looming, are you looking forward to bringing your sound over the pond, to a different audience?
In my other band PALOALTO we played here before and I can tell you this, It felt like home and I cant wait to come back.

Your music has been featured on a few TV programs now. How does it feel to have your work featured and is there a show in particular you’d like to have use your music?
Love it. Like I said before it seems that having your music featured on TV shows and film is the new radio for us.

I would love to write an original or be featured on the TV show Luther.

What other ambitions do you have as a band? With LP’s released, tours completed and more booked, what’s left?
Just to keep bringing the rock!

For more information on the band, check out their Facebook.

Interview conducted by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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