Lissie / Further Away (Romance Police)

Most reviews I do are born simply out of inspiration, or an obvious angle that I come up with when I hear a song. Hence jumping straight on this one ‘Further Away (Romance Police) by Lissie. When a friend showed me this new track from the already, very established songstress from Rock Island, Illinois, it conjured up a lot of talking points in my head, and really had my attention caught, as I tried to figure out how I could expand upon some of the points that I already had.

Lissie may not be a household name just yet, despite her debut EP being released in 2009, followed by her debut album the year later. We find ourselves discussing her latest release which comes to us as a single release from her latest, and second, LP ‘Back To Forever’ and it appears to be a strong and welcome return so far.

‘Further Away’ has a very defiant and powerful chorus, and the subject matter touches upon the hereditary selfishness in love these days, or at least what we perceive as love anyway. She questions whether love even really exists anymore, and if it does, is it a very different beast to what it was originally made out to be. Despite the strength in the chorus and mainly her vocals, the lyrics are very defeatist and pessimistic, which despite its nature is actually a very refreshing perspective. This life certainly isn’t any Disney film I’ve ever seen and Lissie is observing that and telling us, but with a sexy backing track.

The intro reminds me of that Orson song. You know? The one where he mentions Red bull? They were good weren’t they, Orson. It appears club night worthy on first impression, and one of the most striking things is how comparable everything is to Stevie Nicks. The vocals, the style and especially that incredible, 80’s rock inspired guitar solo in the middle which seals the deal that Lissie may have sold her soul to Stevie for this one. In 2013 we’ve seen a lot of the biggest bands on the planet return and with absolutely killer album releases. So for a new name, to me, to turn up and blow me away on first impression with a song like ‘Further Away’ is a very exciting moment. I’ll certainly be keeping on top of what she does next and I’ll also be buying the album to see what else she has to offer, and like I said, this may even feature at Transmission next Saturday night. Until then, have a lovely weekend…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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