A British breaking America is a rarity, but Interstellar have taken everything great about British music, and planted it back in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia. On the verge of an LP and set to dominate the world very soon, possibly the most important ‘Before they were famous’ so far. Don’t miss this train, as Interstellar are pulling into the big time…


How and when did Interstellar get together?
It was summer last year (2012) that I first started talking with my mate Jon (bass player), we’ve played a few shows together before and we’ve always enjoyed the same style of music. We started putting out the word that we were looking to form a band and that’s when Patrick, friend & drummer from my previous band jumped in, followed shortly after by one of Jon’s friends, guitarist Nick. So, answer in short…Friends, August 2012.

What is the band about?
Writing good tunes with a big sound. We’ve been working hard to deliver solid and engaging performances. No gimmicks, definitely no civil war outfits…or the latest musical trend for that matter. We’re focussing on music from the soul, the stuff that comes naturally…it’s the only type that counts in my book.

Where did your inspiration for this material come from and what was the creative process in developing the tunes?
Well, I definitely feel like I’ve been enriched living in different parts of the UK in recent years, and also having the privilege of living in America for several years. It’s been kinda back and forth for me & the Mrs, and with the birth of my daughter I’ve had new inspiration and places to go to in my songwriting-heart, mind & soul. I penned most of the album back in England and finished a few other songs on American soil…ya know, where the air is free and eagles soar, haha… I dunno what that is, but it feels good to have an opportunity to marry the songs together in Winter Heart. Obviously, when we are jamming out the tunes and working on dynamics, structure etc it’s a great team effort getting them to a level and vibe that we are all happy about.

How are the American music fans receiving Interstellar and its British sound?
Pretty good so far. We’ve been slowly building a decent fan base so something must be going right somewhere. I think there are distinctions with the UK & the USA but music bypasses the brain for most listeners so if it strikes a chord with the soul then a connection is made. If it ‘s good, it’s good, right?

What’s been a highlight gig in the states?
We’ve played some great venues here in Atlanta, and the standout show was definitely sharing the stage with ASH. I’ve always loved their vibe and it was a pleasure to meet them. Plus it was our first gig so it was added incentive for us to deliver with a legendary band in the wings watching!

Any plans to tour internationally?
For sure, we’ll definitely be berthing a British port in 2014.

How would you describe the new record ‘Winter Heart’?
Well, it’s about love, life and the world really. People you meet, people you love, experiences people have, things you do. Looking at all this with a lens that I’ve looked through, whether observationally or personally. Musically, we have some rock n rollers in there that may or may not melt ya face off, and a couple of more vulnerable tracks where things are a little more broken down instrumentally speaking. I also think the album is laid out in such a way that you’ll feel like your on a ride. You hope people want to keep listening from beginning to end, ya know like when you’re driving and you arrive at your destination but you just can’t get out of the car coz you’re jamming to a song, or your hooked in the moment…is that just me, or…

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 19.42.23

If you could play one venue in the UK, where would it be?
Glastonbury would pretty much be the one – plenty of mad-eds and mentalists there, so that would be fun.

Tell me about the production of the album, and the unique fundraising idea behind creating it?
Well, during the recording process of live tracking the full band all together, we realized we were getting through our songs at a decent rate, ya know ahead of schedule. That’s when we saw the opportunity to make a full length record rather than an EP, we had the material to do this just not the funds. So we went out on a limb a little and spent more time tracking in the studio to get all our songs recorded. This was a little risky coz at this point we were out of dough. We had the idea to ask our friends, family and fans to pre-order the CD or donate money to help us get the record finished. Turns out that we have amazing folks supporting us (both sides of the pond) who had faith in us enough to help us reach our goal to complete the album.

How did they get you the dosh?
I looked into all the crowd-funding options out there but it just didn’t sit right with me to let our supporters donations be short-changed via a website who takes a cut for not even actually doing anything. So I set up a webpage to provide all the info about the album etc, and let people donate direct to us via paypal. Not rocket science, but a bit of wheeling and dealing allowed 100% of our friends donations to be a major part in producing our record – better for everybody I think, except for ‘The Man’ haha. Our fans got a little something in return for their trouble and hopefully their greatest reward will be getting their paws on a piece of art that is real, of genuine quality and stands the test of time

Here’s the link to the fundraising details:

For more information on the band, check out their Facebook.

Interview conducted by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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