Since debut album; I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose was released in 2009, Bombay Bicycle Club have cemented themselves as one of modern indie’s finest acts. 2010 saw the release of Flaws which proved to be confident, well received and more importantly; a brilliant second album. 2011 then saw the band release third album; A Different Kind Of Fix. Other than some European festival appearances, all went quiet in the Bombay camp. I recall a couple of previously unheard tracks being played at Leeds Festival last year. I found one in particular rather non-Bombay Bicycle Club. This track was called Carry Me. Over a year later, Carry Me has been released as a brand new single.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 18.11.50

The first noticeable thing about this new track is that it doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard from Bombay Bicycle Club before. At first, this threw me a little. But now…I love it. I never thought Bombay would go down the electro route like so many indie bands have before them but it would seem that they’ve dipped their toe’s in to the water. (If the water was an ocean of electro sounds and synthesisers) Stick with it and you’ll be enjoying the track more and more as time goes by. Any doubts you still have are ferociously crushed by Jack Steadman’s harmonious, infamous voice as he brings us round to the Bombay Bicycle Club we know and love. 53 second’s in and the game changes. The tempo’s up and the instruments have increased almost as much as the catchiness. The chorus soon follows, it’s simple (You carry, you carry, you carry, you carry, you carry, you carry), said with meaning and it won’t leave your head for a very long time. This is the first glimpse in to what we can expect from the 4th album and I’m now looking forward to February 3rd. After going back to that pivotal 53 second mark, I’m starting to wonder if it’s a little too early to have picked my track of Summer 2014 already?

Despite now having a critically acclaimed solo career, Lucy Rose has still took the time to provide backing vocals on this track and if what I’ve read is true, she also provides backing vocals on a further two tracks. This is great news because a lot of BBC fans have now become accustomed to her soft, haunting vocals throughout some of their favourite tracks. I know I certainly have!

So, we come now to my final summary…It took me about 3 listens before I found myself being hooked on this track. Maybe it just takes me time to become accustomed to bands taking a different approach when it comes to their music but once I was there…this was on repeat for a good few days. Whilst reading comments on YouTube; I found that I wasn’t alone in having to listen to it more than once, you might be sat/stood/laid there thinking that I’m completely wrong and you found the track likeable straight away; we’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again; that’s the beauty of music…we all have different opinions, even on the bands we agree on. Whether it took you one, two, three or more listens, we’re here. Together. Waiting in high anticipation for the new album. Hurry up February!

Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)

Following the current trend of having an interactive music video, you can check out the one that’s been brilliantly created for Carry Me here.



  1. Beg to differ Robert..the track is a mash up of rejected Pet Shop Boys & Killers ‘b’ sides…having seen this band of accomplished musicians on many occasions I cannot believe they are heading down yet another cul-de-sac…they did it with folk, now supposedly they are heading into electronica, what next? Heavy metal? Contemporary jazz? Hmm…why can’t they admit they are bloody good at indie rock ‘n’ roll? Are they embarrassed or are they human?

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