Chvrches / Lies

On December 1st, the next single from one of 2013’s hottest new acts is released. ‘Lies’ is the fourth song released from their debut album ‘The Bones Of What You Believe’, and personally, I believe it’s been a highlight album, in a year that has already produced a great deal of memorable new music releases. Bands like Franz Ferdinand, Haim, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and more have had incredible, attention grabbing releases this year, and still, I believe Chvrches to be amongst them in having achieved the same.

There are a few reasons why I’ve selected this single release for review. The first one naturally being that Lauren Mayberry is fit… The second one being that they deserve some love, and I haven’t taken an opportunity to show them said love on yet. The third reason being that ‘Lies’ is a cracking tune, and became an early favourite from the LP, on first listen. In fact ‘Lies’ was added to the Transmission set list long before it’s imminent release on December the 1st and simply based on the fact that it’s an electro party anthem in the early stages.

Singles released so far by the Glaswegian trio include, the amazing ‘The Mother We Share’ which has already become a Mojo20 DJ set favourite (did I mention that we do club nights?), ‘Recover’ which was the reason I even got into the band as this struck a chord immediately with me, and had me clicking repeat over and over again just over how catchy and purely gorgeous the chorus is, and then of course there was ‘Gun’ which is also a great song, but possibly my least favourite of the four single releases.

‘Lies’ is one of those immediate tracks that doesn’t hang around to kick in. It’s an electronic masterpiece, a driving beat and easy to grasp lyrics which are fed to us with that gorgeous voice that I’m sure made many a gentleman fall in love in 2013. The basis of the song appears to be gullibility, manipulation and ego; which I consider to be a clever cocktail for subject matter, and an original one at that.

This band owned a lot of 2013, especially the second half, and with further releases like this; 2014 may be just as good for them. If you haven’t heard it, do so…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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