Clean Bandit / Rather Be feat. Jess Glynne

As 2013 draws to a close, and Christmas is on the horizon it’s certainly a good time to look back on the music we’ve been treated to this year. There have been some great album releases, and some dominant singles that have caught everyone’s attention at one point or another. But, imagine my surprise when in early December I discover my song of the year, which I don’t say flippantly either, it’s literally just the fact of the matter.

I’d never even heard of Clean Bandit, to my own dismay until ‘Rather Be’ was played on… wait for it, Radio 1. Not normally known for its exposure of genuine musical talent and credibility, but I will admit that recently I believe the game has been raised considerably. I’m not an avid Radio 1 fan, but acknowledgment is due, as I was immediately hooked on this song as soon as it began playing. The Baroque pop four-piece are all accomplished and well-trained classical musicians and when you take that contemporary pop sound and mix it with that classical accompaniment,  which is a colossal drawing point when you’re a sucker for anything with strings, you’ve found a winning combination that stands apart from anything else you’ll hear at the minute.


The most intriguing thing, since digging further into their so far modest discography, is the versatility of the group, as you’ll find electronic, soul and more and more classically based songs that are equally as outstanding as ‘Rather Be’. The new single is one of the finest pop songs of the modern era, in my subtle opinion, and reminds me of when I first heard Haim. It’s pop done well, and in fact better than anyone else. It can satisfy the most demanding and even pretentious music fan with its professional sound, but get anyone on the dance floor with its party starting and catchy chorus. Jess Glynne, features on the track, providing her smoky, note perfect voice, and making it as vocally incredible as it is musically. Even the music video is a creative masterpiece, with a great idea, shot well, with an interesting story and even an element of comedy to finish it off. There really isn’t anything bad to say about the song, and I apologise for pouring over it and taking up your time with my own personal perspectives, but this one has to be heard. I’m just pissed off I can’t purchase it until mid January. Hopefully the band will read this and send me a copy…ahem…please?

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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