Love catchy guitar riffs and even catchier songs? Love The Strokes but wish they had more of a punk edge to them? You’re gonna love SKATERS. Based in New York, this four-piece are definitely going to be big. They tick every item on the indie checklist and I imagine they’ll increase their following a vast amount in 2014. They’re focused, talented and more importantly…awesome. I recently spoke with Michael Ian Cummings, lead singer/songwriter. Here’s what he had to say:


The members of the band hail from Boston, LA and even this side of the pond…Hull. How on earth did the band come about?

I met Josh at a party in the Hollywood Hills. He was rad! A punk kid with crazy good energy, tons of playing experience and he gave me ideas. So I sent some demos over to Josh in England, and on Halloween he rang me up to tell me he’d be in NYC the next day. He just kind of showed up, was like “Let’s start a band, lets book shows!” Noah and I had played together since we were kids. Growing up in Boston, Dan was in my favorite band and I always wanted to play with him. and he was into it.

You’ve all been in bands before. Do you think this helps? In the sense that you can all bring different things to the table?

Yup. We cover a lot of ground between the four of us, in terms of playing experience and knowledge. So, we can do lots of different things.

Your debut EP, Schemers was offered as a free download. It managed over 10,000 downloads. How did that feel?! And do you regret making it a free EP now?

Hell No! We wanted people to hear it! We were psyched on it, we still are!

Who influenced you whilst growing up and are these influences still the same as you have now?

The influences on SKATERS are mostly the stuff we listened to when we were kids, that was kind of the idea behind the name. the clash, pavement, early hip hop, joy division, etc. so it’s the same thing.

What current bands do you listen to?

After all the festivals this summer, we really got into a lot of the bands we played with, Danny Brown, Splashh, Savages, Wutang!

I read that you recorded the album at The Electric Lady studios which was created by Jimi Hendrix. How did you find recording in a studio created by such an icon?

Halfway into the session all we had were some drug-induced blues jams! We had tp shoo off the Jimi vibes a little bit. But for serious, it’s an amazing place, unbelievable sound.

What’s on a typical SKATERS rider?

Ms. Pacman, a record player, beer, tequila, some brown sauce, mushy peas…

You had a small UK tour earlier this year, were you pleased with the response you received from those who came to see you?

Yeah it was great, no assholes!

Any plans for more UK shows next year?

We’re back in the UK on Feb 27th, and then probably a few more times throughout the year.

Your debut album, Manhattan is due out in February. What can we expect from it?

It’s loud, fast, indie-rock tales about kids in Manhattan going crazy!

For more information on SKATERS, check out the below:


Michael Ian Cummings was speaking to Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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