Hozier / Take Me To Church

In late 2013, a few new artists have sprung out of the wood work, with captivating and attention grabbing singles that have made 2014 look like an exciting prospect already. Hozier is an example of one of these when the airwaves started to be introduced to his single ‘Take Me to Church’. It’s a religiously charged, soulful, contemporary gospel effort, with a dramatic sound that sets your imagination racing, and keeps your ears interested. Minimalist in its introduction with a deep, low, steady piano, which is soon chased by an ominous drum beat, and accompanied by soulful vocals that sing dark, confessional lyrics. Only after the singer minimises his accompaniments to preach ‘Amen’, we drive head first into a catchy, chorus with clever lyrics and a driving drum beat that wraps this up as a brilliant, current song of which there isn’t much out there at the minute in the popular music world.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 16.03.09

As far as soul or even gospel music is concerned at the minute there isn’t an abundance that comes across as authentic these days, unless you delve into the genres and dig for its biggest underground talents, so to hear this on the radio, or played in a bar is a refreshing change.

‘Take Me To Church’ continues to lift, and maintain the catchy, yet dark sound it dropped on you during the first chorus, and plans of playing it again as soon as you’ve finished are already circulating through your head. But as far as longevity goes, I can see that in a few weeks or so, or whenever buzz for this song is over, it won’t be considered a classic or anything. It’s a fine point to the end of 2013, but potentially not going to be the big thing for 2014. Who knows? I could be wrong.

If Hozier can create more like this and offer something deeper and more substantial to a superficial and fake pop scene, then that’d be a great thing. With his voice and ability, it’d be a possibility, but the songs are what really matters. This one is an attention grabber and therefore leaves no question why it’s a break out single. But can this be done again? Also, sounding a great deal like Tom O’Dell; is there room for the two of them on the radio? Will one of them be pushed aside for the other to flourish? Perhaps not! But as a breakout single, and if we are literally just talking about the song; it’s a winner. I haven’t shown it to one person yet who hasn’t liked it. But I’ll go back and ask them in a few weeks what they think now, and see if interest has dwindled. Have a listen yourself, and see what you think. After all, I’ve been wrong before…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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