Wild Beasts / Wanderlust

Wild Beasts are one of the most unique indie bands around. Their graceful, beautiful, heartfelt songs will either strike a chord with you or strike a nerve with you. Personally, I love them. So much so that the reason I’m with Santander (one of the world’s shittest banks) is because they took it upon themselves to use a snippet of ‘Underbelly’ which at the time was one of my favourite track’s from the band. Anyway, enough about my banking habits…Wild Beasts!! They released a new track a couple of weeks ago and it’s took me this long to review because at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. This is an awful feeling when you’ve followed a band’s career from the very start and enjoyed everything they’ve produced and worked hard on. Did I change my mind though? You’ll have to carry on reading to find out won’t ya!


It’s been three years since we last had something new from these Kendal-born chaps. So, I was pretty excited when I saw them post the video for this song on Facebook. I pressed play and was a little bit gutted that they too had chosen to go down the same route as many other indie bands I like. The route of electronica. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of electronica but does it really suit the vocals of Hayden Thorpe? Won’t the electronica destroy their meaningful lyrics? Well…to quote the song “don’t confuse me with someone who gives a fuck”. So that’s them basically telling me that they wouldn’t give a fuck about my opinion if they were to stumble upon this review.

Turns out, I’ve done a Jenny and was too hasty in my opinion. (Yes. That is a Paolo Nutini reference) I’m pleased to report that it does work. The lyrics are if anything; more heartfelt and meaningful. The band have a new sort of attitude about them and their fourth album, Present Tense is due for release 24th February so four albums in; kind of means that they can get away with a change in direction. The fan’s will still be fan’s and the haters will still think they’re just a bunch of amateur dramatic choir boys (I read this in a review once). Whichever you are…promise me one thing…you’ll go have a listen to their first three album’s. You won’t be disappointed. And, of course…check out the new track. Kendal might be famous for its mint cake but these guys are the reason I like Kendal. Mint cake? Mint* band!

*I don’t condone using the word mint to mean something which is great. So, don’t do it. I was doing it at an attempt of humour. I may have failed.

Words by Robert Smith. (@robertmsmith)


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