Blood Red Shoes / A Perfect Mess

Things have been moving rapidly, and getting bigger and better for Mojo20 in 2014, with DJ sets galore, and great new opportunities. This has left me personally in a position where getting to sit down, and enjoy new music, never mind write about it, is quite difficult. Then Rob told me last week about Blood Red Shoes releasing a new album soon, and their first single from it was already out. I stopped what I was doing and endeavored to find out more. The Brighton based duo have unveiled plans for their fourth studio album to be released at the beginning of March this year, and I for one am excited. Their live shows are energetic and aggressive, and their music packs a punch that never gets boring. ‘Cold’ from 2012’s ‘In Time To Voices’ still gets played on a regular basis on my iPod, but would this new offering live up to expectation, and be as impactful a first single release as ‘Cold’ was?


Well it has to be said, it isn’t quite as impactful immediately, but ‘A Perfect Mess’ is one that requires your attention and it needs an opportunity to be heard properly before any opinions can be formed, and as the song continues; it grows and evolves and becomes more gritty. The vocals stand out more and more as it continues through and it becomes clear that this is a must for the Transmission set list. In fact the final thirty odd seconds of the song, really amp up and are the highlight of the song as Laura-Mary Carter’s vocals get pushed further and the tempo slides up ever so slightly for a frantic and red hot ending. In usual Blood red shoes fashion, both members are utilised to full potential, with Steven Ansell providing vocals, while still delivering at a high standard on percussion, which has always been a high selling point when it comes to this band. I’ve seen them live twice and was always quite amazed with their performance, based on Ansell’s standard of drumming despite never really looking at his kit, and also the sound they can create with just the two of them and literally only two instruments.

The video is also refreshing and light hearted as we see them touring around Berlin together, which is the site of where they self-produced the new album. It’s going to be an exciting release for this year, and one to watch for sure. In fact, on a personal note, I’ve been looking at getting away to Berlin in the next few months and Blood Red Shoes have sealed that deal for me as it looks awesome on the video. But enough about me and my holiday plans, back to the song…

‘A Perfect Mess’ is a strong, edgy comeback for Blood red shoes and if it’s a sign of things to come for the rest of their fourth studio effort since 2008, then 2014 could be a big year for them. Perhaps even a third outing to see them live is in order. After my trip to Berlin though…. I’m not made of money.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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