EELS / Agatha Chang

When most people hear the word “eels”; they’ll think of The Eels Song by The Mighty Boosh. Not me though. I think of the incredible Californian band who have been together since 1995! That’s 19 years! A brilliant accolade for any band. Let alone a band that are losing the popularity to a song featuring lyrics such as “eels up inside ya, finding an entrance where they can!”. Don’t get me wrong; I think The Mighty Boosh guys are funny and produce genius comedy songs but hand me one of the 10 albums by this band any day over The Mighty Boosh boxset.Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 17.48.54

I’m very surprised that this song has been released so soon as I’ve not long finished with the band’s 2013 release; Wonderful, Glorious which was exactly what it says on the tin. Or in this case, exactly what it says on the plastic CD case.

With hints of The National and Johnny Cash emanating from Mark Everett’s soft tones; this makes for a very relaxing track. It’s also worth noting that this band’s line-up has changed numerous occasions throughout its lifespan and on many of the songs/albums, it’s just Mark Everett on his own. I can’t be 100% but I’m pretty sure it’s the case on this latest offering. My suspicions are fuelled even more so by the fact that the next album is entitled; The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett. Like every Eels song before this; the lyrics and music become a perfect match. If you’re ever in the foulest of moods, do yourself a favour and check out any of this band’s songs, I’m willing to put at least £10 on the fact that your mood will instantly become better. Besides, life’s too short to be in a foul mood. Fuck; I’m getting deep in my old age.


I’ve no idea who Agatha Chang (obviously an ex girlfriend) is but if I was her; I’d be very bloody flattered to have such a beautiful song written for me. Let’s hope she’s touched by the words and gives him another chance. She sounds bloody delightful though! She never cheated, she never lied and I bet she did all the shit jobs like washing up and cleaning the bathroom as well!

The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett is out 22nd April.
Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)



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