London Grammar / O2 Academy, Leeds – Wednesday 12th February

Close your eyes; think of a moment when you felt the hairs on your neck stand like soldiers commanded to attention. If this moment was too long ago then I suggest you buy a ticket and go see the wondrous, three piece, Nottingham originated, London Grammar.

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The discovery of London Grammar came later than it should have to me; any band riding a wave of popularity tends to go over my head and I’ll listen later then judge without being pulled into the riptide of peer review.  This often means that I’ll find out that said band are touring when all the tickets are sold out leaving me with two choices… pay over the odds for a ticket or chloroform every person between me and getting inside; seeing as stocks were low deciding to opt for the ticket seemed the best option. The gig started with support from Kyan (@KyanMusic), who’s been dubbed as Britain’s answer to Frank Ocean, which is a point for which I’d be inclined to agree… there’s so much soul in his voice and when accompanied by the minimal drum beats and overlaid with keyboard effects and vocal samples it’s R&B at it’s best; give him a listen at For purposes of not wanting to be a critic I’m going to leave my thoughts on the second support act out. Music is something positive and very personal to each one of us and whilst they didn’t appeal to my tastes the guys from London Grammar clearly think highly enough of them to have them supporting, give them a listen at and follow them (@SayLouLou) and feel free to let us know your thoughts!

Finally hiding behind the shadow of themselves provided by the fantastic wall of lights on stage Hannah, Dot and Dan take to the stage and begin with an extended introduction to “Hey Now “, the first track from their now platinum album. The combination of Hannah’s hauntingly beautiful voice, the minimal musical accompaniment and lack of visual definition just enhanced everything that’s special about this band; all three are young, great looking and well-dressed but take away all of this, left with their silhouettes you experience what they’ve really got to offer… beautifully constructed, powerful yet elegant music. All three members engaged with the crowd, shared jokes and stories, they were just like the rest of us: music lovers, just on stage having fun. Except they aren’t like the rest of us, they commanded the entire room. Not a hair wasn’t standing, not a word muttered as they performed “Nightcall”, the Kavinsky cover from Drive made completely their own, “Strong” with it’s haunting lyrics and my favourite “Wasting my young years”.

The gig ended with an encore of “Metal & Dust” which was one of the tracks which propelled them into the iTunes Top 5 and to the forefront of British music, rightfully so. I hope they stay humble, stay playing good intimate venues because the connection between them, you and the music is exactly what music should be about, and what it should certainly be judged on. Buy the album, close your eyes and be prepared to fall in love.

Words by Adam Everington (@Adam_Everington)


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