Bombay Bicycle Club / So Long, See You Tomorrow

2014 has already seen the return of Crouch end four piece Bombay Bicycle Club, when they came back in style with their fourth studio album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’. I’ll explain immediately, that the reason I’m only writing this now, in mid March, when the album was released at the very beginning of February, is because I’ve been too busy during that time, essentially, listening to the album. It’s an absolute killer, from start to finish, and left none of my attention spare to do any more reviewing or promoting of it, than the occasional ramble to a friend about how much they should listen to it (Didn’t I Seth… and I was right, wasn’t I Seth?) . But of course, in perfect Mojo20, better late than never fashion, I’m going to bang on for a little bit about how this album is already my favourite of the year so far.



This album, from the very first listen of it, was clearly a strong contender for my favourite album of the year (told you) and it’s going to take something truly incredible to knock it off the top. I’m not ignorant to the fact, that Bombay might be a little weedy or nerdy, and that Jack Steadman’s vocals are a bit too whimsical and dreamy, and therefore rendering them a band that doesn’t grab your attention. But since I first discovered the band in 2008 following their debut LP release ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose’, their catchy riffs and intelligent lyrics are what have grabbed me, and kept me a fan all this time, and all the aforementioned things that I can imagine people not enjoying so much about them, are exactly why I do like them. They’re a very different band to anyone else on the market, and always have been, plus they’ve grown in their obscurity through adopting this more electro sound, updating and refreshing everything about them, and even better, Lucy Rose was invited back to provide some more of those guest vocals that made their third album stand so strongly.

The album in its content is ten very cool and very interesting tracks, with not one of them becoming boring, or at least not lending something to the album as far as making it just sound better. Whether the highlight of the song is the segue onto the next, everything appears to be there for a reason. All killer, no filler. This may even sound contradictory as some of the highlights are the two singles ‘Carry me’ and the more recent ‘Luna’. You’d expect me to be harping on about some hidden gems, and I might, in a minute, but for now, the two singles have to be acknowledged for their own brilliance and not shunned in an effort to look proper ‘ard. ‘Carry me’ has one of the most engaging electro beats/riffs I’ve ever heard, and always sounds huge, whether on your iPod, or in a club surrounded by nutters. ‘Luna’ is just one of those songs that’s so catchy and makes you smile so much, you wish you’d been clever enough to write it yourself, and isn’t unlike ‘Shuffle’ from previous album ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’ or even ‘Always Like This’ from ‘I Had The Blues…’. The other massive highlight that must be noted is a little later in the album, and called ‘Feel’ and is a basically just a massive, catchy, party tune. Not going to dress it up as anything else, even though it does heavily feature an Eastern influence, which you’d expect to turn the song into some sort of indie/culture crossover, and probably sound quite cheesy. But it’s in fact done very well, and in fact, ’Feel’ inherits a much more upbeat party sound than ‘Luna’ or ‘Carry Me’. ‘Feel’ is definitely one to watch and also the one I’d expect to see released to the masses as the third single from the album.

As mentioned before, the rest of the album is an intelligent journey through post indie, with no real crap to skip past, but instead, the more down tempo songs like the title track, and ‘Eyes off you’ come at just the right time, and if nothing else, set you up perfectly to experience what’s coming next. A great piece of work, from one of the remaining mid 2000’s indie bands, a perfect return for them, and an album that, as mentioned at the beginning, will be hard to beat before 2014 is done. Nice one lads, good job. Oh, and of course you too, Lucy… I love you Lucy…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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