Jaws / Think Too Much, Feel Too Little

Birmingham four-piece, Jaws, have been a firm favourite with members of Mojo20 since their debut single, Toucan Surf was released in 2012. Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength. Not only do they sound good on their single’s but they sound brilliant live as well. Their latest single, Think Too Much, Feel Too Little follows the same process as the previous tracks which isn’t a bad thing!

Last year saw debut album releases from Peace and Swim Deep. Two other fantastic bands from Birmingham. Jaws were the band that didn’t release an album which surprised me a little and also worried me as I thought they might not be bothering, the release of their Milkshake EP calmed me significantly though and the EP soon become the EP I’d go to if I needed a little mood boost. This single has everything we’ve come to expect from the band and more. It’s confident, catchy, heartfelt and above all…it makes me want to go for a walk, sunglasses on and an ice cream in my hand. This is my Summer 2014 (if we have one) anthem and it should be yours as well! If it isn’t, you’ll be missing out and I won’t be sharing my ice cream with you!

Keep your eye on the water because Jaws (see what I did there? Hilarious) will hopefully be releasing their debut album in the not so distant future and with a more refined, mature sound starting to creep in to their music, it’ll definitely be a debut album to add to your collection.

Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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