Damon Albarn / Everyday Robots

I hate to start things off on a negative and the sentence to follow this will probably get me some funny “online dirty looks” but…I’ve never been a big fan of Blur.

WAIT!! Don’t click on that ‘x’ in the top left/right hand corner because of my view! This review will have a good ending. I promise. So; just stick with me?

Don’t get me wrong, Blur have got some cracking tunes but as a whole, I don’t think I can call myself a fan and in truth, I prefer his side project work with his lesser known band; The Good, the Bad & the Queen. Today sees the release of Albarn’s first solo album, Everyday Robots.

Everyday Robots
First things first (obviously); Just to make you aware; I’m not going to follow my usual panache of album reviews and evaluate each track individually. Reason being; I view this solo effort as one elongated track. This is the result of each song flowing effortlessly in to the next. I will however, be citing the highlights! [Please note that this isn’t just an excuse for me to write less! Besides; I am currently working on a BIG review of the latest offering from The Horrors so…yeah…sshh!]

One of my favourite tracks is definitely the title track, Everyday Robots; it reminds me of the best offerings from Gorillaz (another Damon Albarn side-project! Busy boy isn’t he!) and The Good, the Bad & the Queen merged with symphonic sounds. The vocals are immaculate, the music is flawless and the song is exceptionally fitting for today’s society fundamentally saying that we all spend far too much time on our phone’s and the true form of human connection has been lost. (Deep!)

A mention also has to be made for Mr Tembo, an absolutely delightful, uplifting song. It’s Monday and nobody likes Monday’s, I’ve just got in from a nightmare day at work and whacked the song on…game changer! I’ve cracked open a can of Red Stripe, got the speakers on loud and everything is now fine.

Overall, I love this album. It’s one of the most laid-back albums I’ve listened to this year and also one of the most autobiographical. I feel like I’ve sat down with Damon in a pub and just asked him to tell me about his upbringing and his observations on the world and I know this review might be deemed as short but it’s one of those albums that needs to be enjoyed by the listener and not have the meaning spoon-fed to them. I for one hope for a second album in the forthcoming future! Until then…well done fella! Boy done good.

Everyday Robots is available to purchase now.
Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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