A few days ago it was announced that Zane Lowe would be premiering the comeback single for indie juggernauts; Kasabian, which of course for many was a very exciting prospect. With many an ear glued to the radio, waiting to hear what they’d managed to muster up since 2011’s ‘Velociraptor’, it was time to see whether their fifth album, was going to be one to watch out for in 2014.

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Strangely entitled ‘Eez-eh’, it was almost guaranteed it’d be going in a more electro direction than previous, and perhaps trying to modernise their sound, and aim straight for the mainstream audience. Nothing wrong with that of course, as long as it doesn’t sound really crap, like everything on Bloc Party’s third album did when they seemed to attempt this.

So the time comes and off it goes, three minutes worth of one of the biggest comebacks of the year, the song that will justify their already busy and excessive schedule at festivals all summer long. I wasn’t present at the time to listen to it, but tweets and Facebook statuses showing indifference or even sheer panic began to crop up and I feared the worst. As a guy who liked Kasabian a lot, but fell almost head over heels in love with them after their 2012 headline slot at Leeds festival, I was hoping for something great. But lo and behold, the general public didn’t exactly hit the nail on the head, as on first listen, I actually really liked it.

I found myself going in, looking for negatives to justify what I’d already been told or heard in passing. But it never came. I still think the title of the song is a bit shit, and to be honest, I won’t be going around asking many people if they’ve heard it because I’ll feel like a right nob trying to pronounce it correctly. But that being said it really is a fine comeback. It’s catchy, it’s energetic, it’s moved into a slightly fresher, more modern direction, but it’s been done well, and the elements of rock n roll, and retro have been maintained tastefully. It’ll definitely be one to get a gig or festival crowd moving around, and with the right backing could become one of the big tunes of the summer.

It also does its job from the perspective that it’s a debut release from a new album. I’m intrigued and interested to see what the rest of the album holds, and when ‘48:13’ is released I’ll be buying it and I’ll be searching through for some great album tracks to play at Transmission, much like the last album offered us ‘Man of Simple Pleasures’ which became my favourite song off the whole thing, and eventually solidified my status as a Kasabian fan.

So yeah, a success in my opinion and I can see ‘Eez-eh’ really catching on, and making it a big year for the boys. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing them at Benicassim festival in July, and will be equally as excited to hear this played. You can’t say fairer than that. Of course my only worry is that if Mojo20 co-founder Seth Marshall ever gets back behind the decks, we’re all going to find ourselves in a shit storms worth of Kasabian. Those of you that know this story and what I’m talking about, you knew it’d get a mention, those that don’t know the story, find Mojo20 on Facebook and feel quite free to message me and ask…Sorry Seth!

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)

48:13 is available to purchase 9th June.


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