Liu Bei / Infatuation

Mojo20 recently got sent word of a debut release by a brand new, London-based act called, Liu Bei (pronounced phonetically as Lou Bay, before you ask) and it’d be latest single ‘Infatuation’ that is due to be released on the 7th of July this year. With the internet being all cool and futuristic and that these days, it’s available on SoundCloud at the minute, and for whatever reason, I was drawn in and wanted to check it out, maybe a little more eagerly than normal. I can’t tell you why really. Perhaps it’s the name of the act that grabbed my attention considering they’re named after a Chinese warlord! Could be that.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 18.59.35

Anyway, I endeavored to check out ‘Infatuation’ and was pleased I did. Perhaps timing is everything in this effort as it was around midnight, not long before going to bed that I unleashed the ambient sound scape in the introduction, and was immediately paying attention. One thing that really caught my ear other than the interesting, minimalist tones, was the ability to be able to deconstruct the song, and compare the smallest elements to someone or something. Other artists that came to mind when listening were Arcade fire, The Killers and The Waterboys but then also electronic artists such as Carl Borg & Dimlite. Of course, I’m sure Liu Bei are out to be known as themselves, and that comparisons aren’t necessarily what they were aiming for, but this ability to break down elements and recognise separate pieces of what they’ve created, whether it be by creative influence or just coincidence, it’s given this listener an anchor point, and a reason to delve deeper, instead of letting it wash over me, never to be heard again.

It’s a great piece, and at just over three minutes long, it’s very easy to just play on repeat until you’re satisfied enough. Or like me, tired and ready for bed. Keep your eyes open for Liu Bei, because you might be hearing more from them in the not so distant future, if the follow-up single and possibly EP/LP, are as good as this.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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