Earlier this week, my ears were taken hostage by a sound that isn’t often  heard these days, that being the sound of loud, fun,  rock n roll. This being the sound of Slaves. This two-man post punk juggernaut from Kent, has restored all that is good in music, in very much the same way The Ramones did back in the seventies. It’s gritty, edgy, makes you want to stomp and shout and dance like a prick whilst singing the easy to pick up lyrics into your best mates face like you hate him. There’s no bullshit, and no pretentiousness involved. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a broad and eclectic music taste and love different music  in many different forms as long as its intention is good and it holds a substance that I can relate to. But every now and again, it’s great to turn off First aid kit, forget about how intelligent the music of Alt-J, stop analysing the politically charged lyrics of Bob Dylan and just have a shit load of non-apologetic fun.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 19.17.57

First track I’ve heard by them and the one that has caught my attention is called ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie?’, which first off is a relatively unique, stand out title anyway, but the content really is all about finding out where the bloody hell Debbie has indeed left her car. There isn’t much else to say about it other than that which really only leads me to wonder why I’ve even taken time out to write about it, but the answer to that is simple. I just really bloody like it, and Slaves have got me gripped, and waiting for more. Radio 1 have also championed them already and included their music in this past week’s rock themed week, which has proven to be perfect timing for this relatively new, up and coming duo.  But the song has its comedic values as well, and the video also backs this up and I’ve provided them with a good few YouTube hits already on this front. But all I can say is I implore you to check them out, and go in with the right frame of mind, and remember when music was truly about just having a good time and not having to try too hard to do it. Right, I’m going to play it one more time and then I’m off out to get drunk. God bless rock n roll.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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