Dry The River / Gethsemane

Dry The River are back! I didn’t even realise they were planning on releasing their second album this year but it turns out they are. Alarms in the Heart will be released on August 25th and I for one; can’t bloody wait! Dry The River have an incredible sound to them. They’re relaxing, upbeat and mellow all at the same time which takes some doing! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live a couple of times and the performance they give is phenomenal. You feel mesmerised in their presence and “get lost” in the music. Then they decide to go all out rock ‘n’ roll and showcase their excellent guitar and percussion skills and just jam on stage for ten minutes. I met lead singer, Peter Liddle after the first time I saw them and I asked him if they rehearsed the jam section. He told me that it was all improvised but they know each other so well, it can at times sound rehearsed. Here’s a picture to prove my story…

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 15.34.51

So, first single off the new album is entitled Gethsemane which after some research, I’ve learnt that Gethsemane is a garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem most famous as the place where, according to the gospels, Jesus prayed and his disciples slept the night before Jesus’ crucifixion. (Thanks Wikipedia!) So, does this indicate a “religious route” for the second album? Who knows! All I know is; I’m not really a religious guy myself but this song is beautiful. Welcome back Dry The River!

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 15.37.18I was at first, a little hesitant about clicking on play, ready for that all important, first listen. The only reason being that I feared the band may have gone down the now incredibly common route of electro. Dry The River are brilliantly talented but I just don’t think they could pull off electro. I could list bands that have chosen to go electro and failed dramatically on most songs. That reminds me, click here to listen to our latest podcast where we review Kasabian’s latest album; 48:13! So, well done guys for sticking to what you do best. Atmospheric, powerful, flawless ballads.

Dry The River aren’t incredibly well-known and I think that might be due to Mumford & Sons. Both bands are described as folk-rock but in my opinion, Dry The River would win the folk-rock-off. If that was ever to be a thing. I hope that this single and the imminent album will bring them at least half the success the Mumford guys have had over the past few years.

The video is also worth a mention. It proves that you don’t need to get naked, feature countless celebrities doing nothing, lick a sledgehammer or have a stupid dance routine. This is four guys, who love using their talent to produce atmospheric music standing in the beautiful looking Rivoli Ballroom, South London. They also sport some pretty decent facial hair so that’s a bonus as well. The track also features string arrangements from the brilliant Valgeir Sigurðsson who’s worked with Sigur Ros’ and Bjork in the past.

Check out the song and video below and let Dry The River take over your mood and flow it in to happiness. See what I did there? Flow. Like a river…like; Dry The RIVER. Oh forget it.

Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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