Spread your love: The return of Mojo20!

Since we began doing our thing in 2010, we’ve always tried to act as advocates for Lincoln as a city, and try to push the fact that we live in an amazing city, with a lot to offer, as long as you’re willing to go out and get it.

It’s been amazingly gratifying to have been shown the amount of love that we have, over all this time, for bringing good music to a night life that otherwise can be a bit “samey” and generic. Whether it’s Back to Mono, Transmission, or even our third brother in crime Above Below, we’ve kept the masses entertained on the weekends for a very long time. We’ve played at various venues throughout the city, and always maintained our goal to never be compromising or conforming to what everyone else is doing, and it’s been easy to do that, with the support of the Lincoln locals that have shown us so much support. So when we left Quo Vadis back in early July, we decided it’d be fitting to not only come back stronger than ever, but to spread the love and split the nights across various venues. This way, nobody gets bored, nothing gets stale, and more than one place can benefit from what we do, and your ongoing support.

So, if you haven’t heard already, Back to mono begins its most recent reign as Lincoln’s most established club night at L4. A cool looking bar, with a club attitude.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 19.11.47

Transmission gets set to shred through the most up and coming independent venue in town as it calls bar Liquor it’s brand new home.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 16.35.23
The 13
th of September is the first Mono at L4, and the 27th of September will be the date for the first Transmission, and it couldn’t be more excited to be taking both nights to different venues. So make sure you don’t be a lemon and miss either one, because we’re back, and we’re back to take over…again!

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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