Lower Than Atlantis / Emily

So I’ve heard of Lower Than Atlantis before but god knows where from. I guess I always assumed they were on the same label as You Me At Six, and All Time Low and all of them other ones I couldn’t really give a shit about. But as absolute luck would have it, I heard a Lower Than Atlantis song and really enjoyed it, in fact I felt compelled to tell all of you about it in this single review as well. The tracks called Emily and it’s a double A-side with another new track called ‘English Kids in America’ which is the inspiration behind the Made in Chelsea: NYC series, probably, might not be. But anyway, all this new material isn’t surfacing by coincidence, no, in fact they have a new self titled LP being released at the beginning of October, and judging by some of the tracks I’ve heard so far, it could actually be one to watch. The reason I’ve singled out ‘Emily’ as my subject matter for this single review is because, a) it’s my favourite out of the ones I’ve heard and b) It was track of the day on Radio1 on the 16th September so there may be a chance that some of you, the unwashed masses, may also have heard it and developed as equally an uninformed opinion as me.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 23.44.57
ANYWAY, the point is, it’s actually a really catchy alternative pop song, and whereas I recognised these guys from their much earlier, rather generic, first world problem-esque brand of emo, they seemed to have lightened up a little bit, and are actually just producing fun, accessible pop music with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Most people would have a go at this, and say they’d sold out, but of course I’m approaching all of this from a slightly different angle as I’m not an established fan of LTA although I’ve just deemed myself as worthy of referring to them as… LTA (see, did it again). What I’m saying is, they’ve been around for the best part of four years and have released plenty of material by now, but it’ s just never really grabbed me, and now finally something has and I’m intrigued to know more and hear previous material. I mean, while researching a few bits and pieces out about them, I found out that the band currently has four members but has eight previous members too! Eight? What the bloody hell they been playing at. Maybe they should have knocked music on the head altogether and just started a football team, but then that’d have been the only way to ensure I never took any interest in them. So check ‘Emily’ by Lower Than Atlantis, and hell, I even implore you to keep your eyes open for the release of their self titled album, out on the 6
th October, whether you’re an existing fan of them or not, and then you can make your own mind up. Sold out or bought in? You be the judge.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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