I love music. Obviously. Otherwise I wouldn’t write for Mojo20. I also love TV & Films. What you might not know is that I also love video games like millions of other people. In particular, I play a lot of FIFA. Every year, guys all around the world rush out to buy the latest edition of FIFA to see what their favourite players look like on the latest edition of the game to then go online to be beaten by a pubescent child (or is that just me who gets beat?). For me however, it’s always the soundtrack I check out first. This years (FIFA15) is particularly strong but it got me thinking about all of the great songs that have featured on the previous versions of the game so for no other reason than it’s Friday evening and I’m staying in to save money and I need to take my mind off smoking (I gave up yesterday), here’s some of the best songs to have featured on a FIFA soundtrack!

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 21.16.42
Morrissey / Irish Blood, English Heart

Kasabian / L.S.F

Kings of Leon / Red Morning Light

The Dandy Warhols / We Used To Be Friends

New Order / Blue Monday

The Sounds / Seven Days A Week

The Rakes / Strasbourg

Morning Runner / Gone Up In Flames

TV On The Radio / Will Do

Shiny Toy Guns / You Are The One

Foals / My Number (Trophy Wife remix)

Chvches / We Sink

The Black Keys / Tighten Up

Crystal Castle ft. Robert Smith / Not In Love

Milky Chance / Down By The River



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