The War on Drugs / Red eyes

I was alerted this week to a brand new song via the official Mojo20 Twitter account, which is of course @Mojo20_music (always time for shameless social media promotion), by a band I’ve never come across at all, and being that it’s rare I’ll ignore a suggestion, I dived straight in and took my first listen of ‘Red eyes’ by Philadelphia new wavers, The War on Drugs. A brand new act as far as I was concerned despite the fact their third studio album was released in 2014, and it was that album that actually featured ‘Red Eyes’.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 07.19.56

The track has recently received some air play on BBC Radio 2, and is receiving positive reviews. So here’s mine. As soon as it began I was interested because it was something I’d not heard in some time and had a subtle, dreamy texture to it as well as summery vibes that have just about finished me off as far as being a bit fed up of winter now.

Knowing nothing at all about them was something I wanted to change, so after a little research I found that there wasn’t really a great deal to report other than previous EP and LP releases, the fact the band was started in part by Kurt Vile who is of course now a solo artist after leaving following the release of the first album. Other than that it’s pretty much all business and all about the music. I like that. That certainly doesn’t happen enough.

The official music video was cool as well though and gave me a little more insight into the band and also gave me something visual to hold on to. They remind me a bit of Noah and the Whale, with a hint of the Maccabees, but with more of an eighties edge. For some reason, I can just imagine Bryan Adams crying whilst he wrote ‘Boys of summer’ and mixing his tears with Febreeze which Adam Granduciel from TWOD uses as deodorant before driving a Convertible off into the sunset towards the grand canyon. Now I’d be fairly certain this wasn’t the image the song is supposed to conjour up but hey, everybody’s different right. Anyway, it’s safe to say I like it, and I’ll be looking back through their discography to see what other gems they’ve got to offer. Meanwhile, if you yourself have any suggestions or recommendations for songs don’t be afraid to send them to the Twitter account as mentioned previously, or even the Mojo20 Facebook page, and who knows, you may also provide me with a new favourite song, or at least an opportunity to come up with some bullshit analogy about Febreeze.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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