Mumford & Sons / Believe

Get your shirt, tie and tweed waistcoat combination out of the wardrobe! Also grab your banjo out the cupboard and appear all deep and sensitive because Mumford & Sons are back!

What? They’ve got rid of the banjo’s? Shit.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 18.41.33

This week gave us our first glimpse in to what we can expect to hear from Mumford & Sons average-ly anticipated third album, Wilder Mind. This came in the form of first single, Believe. And, no; it’s not an indie-folk cover of the classic Cher hit. Unfortunately! Because I think that would sound bloody brilliant.

Upon my first listen, I didn’t manage to get all the way through because I was at work and didn’t want everyone to know I was a Mumford & Sons fan but if I had stuck it out, I would’ve realised that Mumford & Sons are in essence, the new Coldplay by adding electro elements to their sound, broadening their horizons and perhaps expanding on their already impressive fan base? I mean, it’s not full on electro but the now infamous tones of Marcus Mumford blend perfectly on top of Winston Marshall’s flawless electric guitar riffs. If you listen to the lyrics, as always, they’re fairly simple making you wish you’d thought of it first but Mumford & Sons seem to add weight to the words making you think hard about what they’re trying to say when in reality, this is just a simple love song. This is only the first single to come from the new album but I’ve surprised myself by already longing for the second.

Will Mumford & Sons reign supreme in the music charts again when Wilder Mind is released? I believe. And so should you!

Words by Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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