“Guess who’s back, back again..” – Eminem

“Baby come back!” – UB40 & Pato Banton

“I want you back. Want you back. Want you back for good” – Take That

“Don’t look back in to the sun” – The Libertines

Forget all those backs. There’s only one back you need to be concerned about right now and that’s the one and only…BACK TO MONO RECORD STORE which is…BACK!

When we discovered the mini mall was closing to be replaced by some unoriginal nightclub/restaurant business; we were gutted. There would no longer be a place for people to go in Lincoln to browse vinyl and purchase them to expand their vinyl collections.

A month or so down the line and it has a new home! Tomorrow (Saturday 2nd May 2015) sees the return of Lincolnshire’s finest record shop as it opens the doors to its brand new location at 18 Guildhall Street, Lincoln. (previously Rock, Paper, Scissors)

For many, the heart and spirit of Mono has always been on Guildhall Street as a lot of people have very fond memories of Jim’s former shop, Sonic Sounds which was also located on Guildhall Street.

Welcome back BACK TO MONO! We hope you settle in to your new home very soon.

Ps. It’s also Back To Mono 60’s club night at RED FIVE tomorrow night as well so dust off your dancing shoes and get on down for 22:00!


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